About me

Hi, my name is Rachel! I am a wife to my wonderful and supportive husband and mother to two little sweet, energetic girls. They are the apples of my eye and literally everything that makes life worth living for me. And as  I have been through a lot as a mom, with this blog, I want to help you see your child through a new lens, a lens of knowledge to empower their potential to do wonderfully meaningful things with their life – things that only your child can shine.

How it all got started

Before I became a mother, I was a high school teacher and worked closely with teens for years in the school system. I had learned all about parenting and I thought I knew everything about kids, but when my babies arrived, it felt overwhelming! With so many decisions to make on what is sometimes considered “the most difficult period” – how can you be sure that your choices will work? I felt insecure about myself and my parenting abilities in the midst of a sea of parenting choices.

It just didn’t fit in with the plans. I’ve had a lot of insecurity issues because I felt like I had to be perfect for my children.  Ultimately that I do little intentional steps of parenting today towards raising great kids tomorrow, understanding that better, I know that I have to do better. And that’s when Little Butterfly Organic started taking shape. I made the decision to press into those pains and acknowledge my failures, even if it was painful. I listened and watched my own children, paid close attention to them, and began to tap into what had been missing all along: my innate intuition. I realized that we are all flawed, but it is in our imperfections that we can find beauty as we grow and learn together. It was at that point that I realized that parenting is all about nurturing a child.

The Little Butterfly Organic is about ways to build a better family life. When I started this blog back in 2009 it was just me, an overwhelmed parent in my first days of parenthood. However, with my experiences, and my passions and inspiration from my readers merged,  over time this has become more than words written on paper; it’s grown from there into an amazing resource that offers advice on how families may bond more joyfully together while also creating fun time-outs during childhood development so little kids stay happier.

To those struggling moms and dads out there:  becoming a parent is one of the most challenging, extraordinary things you will ever do and I have spent my life helping people prepare for it. My goal with this site is to make mothers feel prepared while making fathers excited about their new baby! Life is fun and while parenting can be chaotic, it also rewards patience along the way. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; I hope you’ll find a warm welcome here!