An Ultimate Guide To Baby Monitor Placement For All Parents

Even if you have the top baby monitor, you may not get the best quality of the video and audio it delivers. 

Most significantly, once you’ve spent a lot of time picking a baby monitor, you’ll need to position it to ensure your kid’s safety thoughtfully.

This article will lead you through the problem of discovering the optimum baby monitor placement. Let’s join us! 

How To Choose An Ideal Baby Monitor Placement? 

You have chosen a baby monitor. If not, this video will show you how to get one. 

Then, you consider where to place it so that you can observe your little child when you are not around. 

Before deciding where to place the baby monitor safely, there are some steps to take. These tips will help you choose an ideal position. 

Read the manual

One of the best approaches to discover how to utilize your baby monitor securely is to review the guideline coming with it.

The guideline will not only show you how to install the baby equipment correctly, but it will also cover the safety concerns to be cautious of and the measures you should take to prevent them.

Check out the safety label attached to the cables as well. These parts are pretty complicated to deal with, especially when you have no idea about electricity. 

Choose the best angle.

Now, move to the angle of installation. Please keep in mind the safety measures given in the maker’s manual.

The greatest view of your sleeping child and other key elements in the bedroom or nursery, such as the window, is from the right angle.

The ideal angle may depend on the type of baby monitors you buy, such as a video or audio baby monitor. If you’re an audiophile, the camera angle can be the last thing that comes to mind.

Can it offer a broad view if you use a video baby monitor? Is it possible to remotely pan, zoom, or tilt the camera?

Because you can always readjust the angle, you’ll have a lot of freedom with positioning in this situation. Finding the ideal angle becomes more critical if your baby monitor camera is not adjustable.

choose the angle for baby sleeping

The angle allows for the best view 

So, how can you know which angle is the greatest? It’s easy. The camera should point straight at your child, with no obstacles like furniture in its way.

It’s also important to check that the baby monitor can detect and broadcast your child’s cries and coos. The excellent places for the best viewing angle are often: 

High on the wall

So, what’s the ideal height for the video monitor? Security cameras stay as high as they can reach, with the top edge reaching the ceiling. 

This position will give you a great view of the entire baby’s room.

On a rack or a shelf

If you don’t want to mount the video monitor on the ceiling permanently, you can place it on a bookshelf high enough to provide you with a decent view of your child.

Rotate the camera angle till you get the ideal viewpoint once you’ve decided on the most excellent video monitor placement.

If you wish to set the device high up, have your partner hold the device where you would like it to go. You may check to see if the video and audio are good.

Set up a safe location

It’s essential to place the equipment where you can hear and see your infant, but it’s even more crucial to place it in a secure place. 

So, how do you know where to put a baby monitor safely? The position should be far enough away that your child cannot reach it or slide down.

It would be best to place the baby monitor in a spot where no one can knock it unintentionally. Next, find out how far away the screen should be for security.

Determine the distance

You should set the shortest distance of three feet between your child and the device.

This audio or video monitor distance seems close enough to have clear video and audio of your child, but far enough that your child can’t reach the baby monitor or cord.

Another reason for this distance is safeguarding your baby from being exposed to the display’s electromagnetic energy.

the baby monitorRemember to keep the baby monitor at the right distance

Secure the monitor cord

Keeping the baby monitor cable out of the way is an important task. No matter if you mount or attach the camera to a wall, your infant is at risk of strangulation due to unsecured cords.

You have to secure the baby monitor cord to the wall and cover it with a plastic tube shield.

You can secure the tube on the wall and slide the cord through it. You may also make two holes on the wall and slip the cables through them to hold them inside the surface.

The quickest and most efficient approach to conceal your baby monitor cords is to hide them behind the furniture.

However, when your baby gets older to walk around, he may move things and discover the cords. As a result, this method cannot work for a long time. 

Another tip to avoid this problem is to buy digital cordless baby monitors. Then, you don’t have to deal with the cords.

the cords

Be careful with the cords

Best Locations To Place The Baby Monitor 

The instructions come with your baby monitor. It shows you how to set the camera correctly. Otherwise, you can be creative and choose options such as: 

Flat surface

The most typical position for a baby monitor is on a flat surface. You may put the camera on a table adjacent to your baby’s crib if it has a flat base.

Some models don’t have a baby monitor wall mount attachment and are more suitable to rest on a flat surface like a tabletop. 

There is often a dresser or changing table in your baby’s room where you may install the camera. A high enough dresser or table will let you clearly observe the baby’s crib.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to put the baby monitor, a tabletop can be a great idea. 

Yet, make sure the tabletop is far enough away from your kid that they cannot knock it off. It might be hazardous to the camera’s and your child’s safety.

If you don’t have a dresser in your room, putting your device in a closet or tall shelf might be a great alternative.

The shelves should be tall enough to provide a clear sight of the area. You may also stack a few books under the baby unit to get the correct height. 

Furthermore, if the baby monitor does not have remote tilt, pan, or zoom functions, you may add them by placing them on a shelf. This approach allows you to adjust the camera’s placement when necessary.

baby is sleeping on flat surface

You need a flat surface like a dresser or a table 


Baby proofing specialists and parents agree that wall-mounting a baby monitor is the greatest monitor position.

The wall mounting system spans the whole room. It is also high enough to keep the camera and cables out of reach.

If you want to place the camera video baby monitor on the wall, there are two ways you can choose: by drilling or without drilling your wall. 

By drilling

Drilling holes and using a mounting kit are necessary for wall-installing the baby monitor. 

If the manufacturer recommends wall-mounting their product, it may come with a wall mount kit.

Some video cameras have simple mounting mechanisms that make setup straightforward. Others include screws so that you can attach them to the wall. 

After determining the distance and angle, follow these steps to wall-mount your baby monitor:

  • Choose the positions to drill holes. There may be a sheet describing the holes appropriately spaced. You can use it to make marks and drill them.
  • Insert the base that comes with the monitor. 
  • Use the baby monitor clip to secure the base.
  • Attach the cords to the wall.

    using a mounting kit are necessary for wall-installing the baby monitor

Wall mounting is a common method

Without drilling your wall

If you don’t want to damage your wall, this method should be your way to go. The key is to use an adhesive stand. 

Because the baby monitor holder adheres to the wall with a sticky strip, you may skip drilling the holes. There is a shelf stand with a baby monitor fixed next to it.

Another benefit of this method is that it is damage-free during setup. Furthermore, the shelf has a weight capacity of two pounds.

You may also employ alternative mounting methods that do not involve drilling in your wall, such as:

  • Installation kits enable you to connect the unit to any surface, like the side or the top of a bookcase.
  • Baby monitor racks can safely keep baby monitors. They have a hole for the cable to slide through.
  • Tripods can wrap around objects like the curtain rod in the nursery, giving you many mounting alternatives.


Many people think mounting a baby monitor to a baby crib is the best way to get the sharpest audio and video. Yet, proofing specialists recommend against it.

When placed in such close range to a newborn, the device and the baby monitor cord connecting to it create too many dangers.

When your kid is an infant, though, certain Wi-Fi products offer a safe installation in the crib.

So, how do you properly secure the camera to a baby’s crib?

  • Read the instruction booklet that comes with the item.
  • Choose a position that is about three feet away from your child.
  • Fasten the monitor tightly with an attachment or a clip, so it isn’t shaky or likely to collapse.
  • Keep the cord out of reach of your child.

a baby crib
You can attach the device to the crib


Although installing these devices on the ceiling is not a usual practice, you may want to think about it if your room is tight. 

Some monitors on the market allow users to mount on the ceiling. They have all of the critical parts.

If your baby monitor does not have a ceiling attachment, you may buy one online.

ceiling baby monitor

This method is best for tight rooms 


Mounting a baby monitor camera on a corner shelf might be a simple task. You can find these models online that are compatible with your baby monitors.

Corners give an extensive range of coverage for your kid’s room. This particular placement is high enough to keep your child secure and out of reach. 

Things To Avoid When Place Your Baby Monitor 

New parents may make mistakes while installing baby monitors. Here are some things to avoid. Please check so that you won’t regret it in the future.

Place the baby camera too close to the baby.

As aforementioned, the ideal distance from the baby monitor to your baby should be about three feet. Then, he couldn’t touch the camera and hurt himself.

It would be best to place the baby monitor higher than your kid’s approach, such as on a tall shelf or on the wall.

Leave the cords loose.

Your little child can strangle with the wires. Hence, it’s necessary to shield the cords and avoid the risks. 

Put the camera on an uneven surface.

Placing the camera on a surface is a common method due to its simplicity and ease of installation. However, make sure that the surface is flat.

Your baby monitor can’t stay secured on an unstable surface. It may fall on your baby’s face and hurt him. 

Let the room be too dark.

A perfect angle also involves the appropriate brightness since you have to watch your child clearly.

Even if you have the highest quality camera, it can’t deliver an excellent image when placed in a dark area. 

a lighten room for baby

Do not let the room be dark

Place the device too close to other electronic devices.

When you put two electronic devices close to each other, there will be a scratchy noise because of the electromagnetic interference (EMI).

This problem arises when the emitted radio waves from one unit influence the other. It makes an unpleasant noise, so you can’t hear your baby. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Parents have been wondering about many things when it comes to safety baby monitors. Here are some of their frequently asked questions.  

1. How far away should you place the baby monitor?

The ideal range, in this case, is three feet. If you install the baby video monitor too far, you can’t see things clearly. 

On the other hand, putting too close to your baby may harm him. 

2. Is it safe to leave baby monitors on all night?

If you follow the directions and guidelines for the baby unit, there’s nothing dangerous about leaving the camera on all night.

3. Do baby monitors cause anxiety?

According to pediatricians, it’s OK to use a baby monitor to watch your child as long as you are aware that it can’t guarantee that troubles won’t arise. Stop using the device if it is bringing you more worry than pleasure.

4. Does a 2-year-old need a baby monitor?

Experts recommend using video baby monitors until children are around four years old or until they are mature enough to walk out of the room independently. 


The location of the baby monitor depends on two factors: you should see and hear your baby clearly and not let him touch the cord or the monitor. 

The optimal placement for the baby unit is on a shelf or a wall. Do not forget to test if the angle can help display things correctly. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!



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