Best Ideas For Boys Names With Nicknames

Are you thinking of boy names with nicknames? You will have many choices out there that can fit your baby boy well. 

The rule of thumb for naming your baby boy is looking at the meaning. Then, there are often two to three options for nicknames. 

This article will give the best ideas for boy names with nicknames. We also recommend some tips for choosing your baby name. 

Boys Names With Nicknames

Here are some boy names with cute nicknames. Some of them may be the Hebrew baby name or Greek baby name. 

We sort the names in alphabetical order so that you can look them up faster. 

Letter A

Aaron MountainRo, Ron, Air
AbrahamMan of a multitudeBrahm, Abram, Abe
AlexanderDefender of man Alex, Ander, Alec, Al, Lex
AlistairDefending manAl, Ali
AngeloMessenger Angie, Ang
AmbroseImmortal Ames, Brody, Bo, Brose
Andrew Bravery Andre, Andy, Dre
AnthonyPricelessness Toni, Ant, Nino, Tony
Armando Soldier Armani, Arman
Arthur  CourageArtie, Arte, Art
Ashton Ash tree townAsh, Ashie, Ashy
AlfredWise counselorAlfie, Freddy, Fred
Antonio PraiseworthinessAnton, Tonio, Ant

Letter B

Baron PotencyBarry, Barr
BenjaminSon of the right hand Benny, Ben, Benji, Benj
Brandon Beacon hillBran, Brando, Donnie, Don
BeckettBee cottageBeck, Bex, Becks
BennettBlessingBenny, Ben
BradenBroad valleyBrade, Brady
BrantleyFireBran, Lee, Brant
BroderickBrother Rod, Brody, Roddy, Derick, Rick
BronsonSon of the dark manBronnie, Bron
BrennanSorrowBrenny, Bren
BrendanPrince Brenny, Bren
Bryson Nobel's sonBry, Bryce
BaileyAgent of the law Bai, Lee, Bails
BeckettBeehive Bee, Becker, Bex, Kitt
BeckhamFrom the Beck homesteadCam, Bee, Beck
BentleyMeadow with coarse grassBentz, Ben, Benny
BraydenBroad valleyBrady, Ray, Ayden

Letter C

CadenWarrior or FighterCade
Caleb FaithCale, Cal
CharlesManCharlie, Chas, Carl
Christopher Christ-bearerChris, Kit, Topher
Connor Master of wolvesCon
ChristianFollower of ChristIan, Chris
Clayton MortalClay
ClintonTown on a hillClint
Cooper Barrel makerCoop
Corbin Crow Cory, Cobe, Corb
ChanningYoung wolfChan, Channer, Cana
CliffordFord near a slopeCliff, Cliffy, Ford
ColesonSon of NicolasCole, Colt

Letter D

DamianTo tameDom, Dame, Ian
Daniel God is my judgeDan, Dane, Danny
DavisBelovedDave, Dav
DeclanFull of goodness Len, Dec, Dex
DominicBelonging to GodDom, Domy, Nick, Nico
DustinBrave warriorDus, Dusty
DashiellPage boyDash, Dasher, Dashi

Letter E

EdwardWealthy guardEd, Ned, Eddie, Ted
EmersonSon of EmeryEm, Sonny, Emery
EriksonSon of ErikRick, Erik
EvanderStrong warriorEvan, Vander, Van
EverettBraveryEv, Rhett
EddisonEdie’s sonEddie, Edward, Eason, Ned
EldridgeOld wise leaderEl, Eldra, Eldric, Reg,  Reggie
ElliottWith GodEli, Leo, Lee, Ellis, Liott

Letter F

FinneganFairFinn, Egan, Finny
FrederickPeaceful rulerFreddie, Fred
FernandoBold voyagerFerg, Fergie, Fernan, Nando
FinnleyFair-haired courageous oneFinn, Finny, Finnick, Finster, Flyn, Lee
FitzgeraldSon of GeraldFitz, Gerald, Jerry, Gere, Gary
FrancisFrenchmanFran, Frank, Franco, Frankie
FranklinFree landownerFrank, Frankie, Foggy,  Franko

Letter G

GraysonSon of a stewardGray, Ayson, Sonny
GordonGreat hillDon, Gordy, Gordo
Gabriel God is my strengthGabe, Gil, Abe
GarrettRules by the spearGar, Garth, Gary, Rett
GeoffreyPeaceGeo, Geoff, Jeffery

Jo, Jeff 

Letter H

Hayden Hedged valleyHay, Hays
Harrison Son of HarryHarry, Harris
HenleyHigh meadowHen, Lee
HendersonHome rulerEnder, Henry
HarringtonPowerHare, Harry, Harris, Harold
HarveyBlazing Har, Harv, Vee
HuxleyHugh’s meadowHuck, Hux, Hugh, Lee

Letter I

IsaacOne who laughsIzzy, Ike
IrvingGreen river, sea friendIrv, Irvie, Irvin, Vin, Ving

Letter J

JacksonSon of JackJack,  Jace, Jax, Jay
Jacob SupplanterCoby, Jack, Jake, Jakey
JamesonSon of JamesJames, Jay, Jimmie
Jason Healer Jay, Jace
Jayden Thankful Jay, Jayde, Ayden, JJ
Jeremiah Weeping prophetJim, Jeremy, Jem, Jay, Remy
JulianYouthJules, Lee, Jude
JonathanGod has givenJohn, Johnny
Jordan To descendJo, Jord, Jordy 
Joseph He will addJoe,Joss,  Joey, Jojo, Jose
Joshua God is deliveranceJo, Joss, Josh
Jeremiah God will riseJeremy, Jerry, Remi

Letter K

KadenCompanionKade, Kay
KalebFaithKal, Kale
KorbinLittle crowKorbie, Korb, Kobe
KristianA follower of ChristKris, Kitt, Ian

Letter L

Landon Long hillLand, Lando
LawrenceMan from LaurentumLarry, Rory, Lor, Lore, Ren
LeonardoBrave lionLeo, Len, Leon, Lenny
Lewis Renowned warriorLew, Lewis
Lincoln Pool colonyLinc
Logan Little hollowLogie, Lo
LorenzoLaurel crownEnzo
Lucas ShiningLuc, Luke, Luca

Letter M

MacKinleyLearned rulerMac
Madden Small Dog milosMads, Maddy
Malcolm Follower of GodCole, Mac
Marcos God of WarMark
MasonWorking with stoneMace
Matthew Gift from GodMatty, Matt
MerrickDark-skinnedMer, Ricky, Rick
Michael Gift from GodMic, Mikey, Mike, Mickey
MilesSoldier Milo
Mitchell BigMitch, Mick
MarlonLittle hawkMarl, Mar, Marlo, Marely, Lonnie
Maximilian GreatestMax, Milly, Mac

Letter N

Nelson Son of NeilNeil, Nelly
NicholasNicholasNico, Nicky, Nick

Letter O

Oakley Oak treeOak, Oaks, Lee
OliverOlive treeOllie, Levi
OrlandoHeroic Land, Lando, Lanny, Orly
OscarDivine spearOssie, Oz, Kar

Letter P

Patrick NoblemanPat, Rick, Paddy
Philip Horse-lovingPhil, Pip, Philly
PeterStonePete, Petey
PaxtonPeace townPaxie, Pax, Pac
PennleyEnclosed meadowPen, Lee, Penner
PrestonVillage with a priestPrez, Ron, Pres

Letter Q

QuentinQueen’s manorQuinn, Quent
Quincy FifthQuince, Quinn
QuillanCubQuill, Willie, Quillie 

Letter R

Raiden ThunderRay, Raid, Rady
Raymond ProtectorRay, Mondo
RichardStrength Rich, Ricky, Richie, Dick, Rick, Dicky
Robert FameRobbie, Bob, Rob, Robby, Bobby
Roman From RomeRo, Roro
RonaldoPeaceful rulerRonnie, Ronald, Naldo

Letter S

Samuel God has heardSam, Sammy
Santiago Saint JamesSant, Tigo, Tiago
SebastianVenerable Bass, Ashton, Ash, Bash, Bastian
StevenCrown Steve, Stevie

Letter T

Thomas TwinTom, Tommy
TristanOutcryTris, Stan
TylerDoorkeeper of an innTee, Ty, Tai
TimothyHonoring GodTim, Timmy

Letter V

Vincent Conquering Vince, Vin, Vinny
Victor Conqueror Vic
VallenStrengthVal, Len
VincenzoConquering Vincent, Enzo, Vince, Chenzo, Cenzo, Vinney
VernonAlder treeVern, Vee, Vernie, Venny

Letter W

William Determined protectorWill, Wills, Willy, Bill, Billy, Liam
WesleyWest meadowWes, Lee, Les
WestonWestern town West, Wes 
WarrenGuard Ren
Wilson Son of William Will, Wills, Willy
WalterCommander of the armyWally, Walt, Terry

Letter X

Xavier BrightnessZay, Xavi
XanderWarrior Xan, Xandy, Zee

Letter Z

Zachary God remembersZack, Zacky
ZacariasRemembered by GodZac, Zackie, Zacar, Zacari, Carias

How To Name A Boy? 

There are unlimited ideas for naming your little boy. These tips may help you narrow down the choices and come up with an excellent idea. 

Check the meanings

This step is vital to guarantee that you do not choose a name that has a meaning that you dislike. 

For example, you might like how the name “Giselle” sounds until you know it means “hostage.” 

You can choose that you like the nickname so much that you don’t care about the meaning. 

However, be ready to blow it off when someone starts asking questions about the meaning of your child’s name.

The baby name implies many things. It can demonstrate what parents hope in their children, from being happy to achieving success. 

Names will stick to the whole life of every person. Hence, as a parent, you should consider it carefully.

Meaning is important for baby names

Meaning is important for baby names

Honor your culture

Picking a name representing your culture is a lovely way to pay tribute to your ancestors. 

For example, Javier and Marisol are Spanish gorgeous. Laurent or Elodie is perfect for a French baby, while Temperance and Cato are ancient African-American names that may arise in connection. 

In addition to national culture, you can consider this term as a value within your family. 

If you look for names from your community on the internet, you’re sure to find at least one option that you like.

Check your family tree.

Another excellent main inspiration is the family tree. Maybe your parents have ancient family identity records, or one of your relatives has built an internet family tree. 

Take a look around to see if there’s anything that captures your attention. There’s something wonderful about picking a name that you not only like but also has a meaningful message for your family.

Meaning is important for baby names

You can also check your family tree for more ideas

Consider middle name

You may select your baby boy’s middle name entirely based on how well it complements their last and first names. 

You might even use it to honor a close relative, such as a favorite aunt or grandma.

How To Come Up With A Nickname? 

It might be challenging to know what to do next once you’ve decided to think of a cute nickname for your baby boy. There are many solutions, fortunately.

Given name

The given baby boy names are the primary source of cute nicknames. You can try these ideas.

Use one syllable or two.

A shortened form of your baby boy’s initial name is the most popular type of nickname. 

You’ll have an easier time changing to a cute nickname since the base is already there. 

You can cut off one syllable from the end of your kid’s name. For example, if his name is Santiago, you can call him “Santi” for short. 

You can add a “y” or “ie.” If your baby name is one syllable, you can replace it with these sounds.

For example, if your boy’s name is Charles, one of the most adorable nicknames for him is “Charlie.”

To spell the new nickname correctly, you may need to put an additional consonant, as in “Winnie” for “Winifred.”

A silent “e” is another option. For example, you can name your baby boy “Mike” if Michael’s real name. 

You can be creative with the nickname

You can be creative with the nickname

Use a different syllable 

You can apply the same guidelines as before, but choose one of the middle or end syllables. “Tony” for “Anthony” is a perfect example of naming with a middle syllable.

You may always utilize this idea as a starting point for coming up with a unique nickname.

If the given name of your baby boy is “Patrick,” for example, you can better choose “Trick” rather than “Pat.”

Other aspects of the name

You don’t need to limit your creativity by thinking about the last name. Instead, you can consider other aspects of the name, such as: 

Middle name

In addition to the given and surnames, many individuals have one or more nicknames. 

It’s also very uncommon for people to go for one of those names instead of their given name.


Many people these days would like others to call them by their surname. It’s still OK with your baby.

When there are too many persons with the same given name in his class, this type of nickname might emerge naturally. 

It’s also effective if the initial name is complex or difficult to say. Often, our surname is shorter and easier to call. 


Make a nickname out of the first initials of the boy names, not including the middle name. For example, you can call “Thomas James” by “TJ.”

However, please note that not all initials can work. Make sure the boy names are easy to pronounce.

The ideal initial nicknames should have either an “ay” sound like  J or an “ee” sound like B.  


Rearranging the letters can form a new word. It may even make sense. 

Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series is a famous fictional example of this idea: “I am Lord Voldemort” is the anagram of his actual name, “Tom Marvolo Riddle.”

Other sources

Many people use personal characteristics to come up with cute nicknames. For example, if your baby boy has curly hair, you can call him “Curly Mike.” 

You can consult from many sources

You can consult from many sources

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about boy names with nicknames. Let’s check so that you will have more ideas. 

1. What names mean “bright fame?”

You can choose from Bobby, Hopkin, or Lawrence. They all mean “bright fame.”

2. What is the best German baby name?

Regarding popular names, there are no published statistics. According to First Names Germany’s examination of German birth records, the top three fashioned boy names in this country are Paul, Ben, and Jonas.

3. What is the best French baby name?

Although a renowned revolution may have ended the French monarchy, the royals’ names linger in popular culture. One of the most apparent pieces of evidence is the French baby name.  Henri, Louis, and Victor are a few of them.

4. What Hebrew baby name means “long hill?”

Landyn is a Hebrew boy name. It also means well-loved and strong. 

Final Words 

The advantage of using a nickname is that you can change it when you like. Moreover, you don’t have to follow any rules for your baby boy names. He may even prefer it to his real name. 

There are many ideas to try. They all come down to your preference to choose the one that fits your kid best. 

Hopefully, the guide to boy names with nicknames above will benefit you. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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