Did Elvis Wear Makeup? Behind the King of Rock n Roll Beauty

Elvis Presley, known as “The King of Rock and Roll,” is one of music’s greatest icons. With his electrifying performances and signature style, Elvis set the bar for rockabilly fashion throughout the 1950s and beyond.

From his tousled hair to bedazzled jumpsuits, Elvis always looked perfect – but did Elvis rely on makeup to achieve his look?

In this article we will investigate whether or not Elvis used cosmetics to achieve his signature style and uncover what lies behind his beauty regimen.

Did Elvis Wear Makeup? The Evidence:

Before we can determine whether Elvis wore makeup, we must first examine the evidence. While there isn’t definitive proof that he did or didn’t, there are several factors to take into account.

Elvis Presley Performance

First and foremost, men’s grooming included wearing makeup in the 1950s and 1960s. Men’s cosmetics were promoted as a way to enhance natural features while giving off an polished, put-together appearance. It’s likely Elvis used makeup as part of his daily grooming regiment just like many other men his age did.

Elvis was known to take great care in how he looked before performances, reportedly spending hours getting ready and meticulously styling his hair and selecting outfits. It’s likely that makeup was just another tool in Elvis’ arsenal for creating the ideal aesthetic.

Rumors and anecdotes suggest Elvis did wear makeup. For instance, in her book “Elvis and Me,” author Priscilla Presley claims Elvis occasionally donned eyeliner to enhance his blue eyes. However, it should be noted this account is just one person’s opinion and hasn’t been corroborated by other sources.

Overall, although there is no definitive proof that Elvis donned makeup, it remains a possibility.

The Kinds of Makeup Elvis Wore

Elvis Presley is renowned for his signature style, which included his use of makeup. He donned various types of cosmetics to achieve his signature look – each serving a different purpose in creating it.

Elvis often donned foundation to even out his skin tone and conceal any blemishes or imperfections. Patti Parry, Elvis’ makeup artist, used a light touch to achieve an illuminating finish perfect for stage lights. She also combined powder with foundation for an impeccably flawless finish.

Elvis’ signature eye makeup was his dramatic, smoky-eyed look, which he achieved using black eyeliner and false eyelashes.

Parry applied a thick line of black eyeliner along Elvis’ upper lash line and then blended it out for an edgier, more blended effect. She also utilized false eyelashes to add volume and length to his lashes for a more dramatic look.

Elvis often donned lipstick on stage, usually in shades of red or pink. Parry used lipstick to enhance Elvis’ lips and give him a polished, finished look. She also used lip liner to define the shape of his lips and prevent bleeding during performances.

Elvis also used bronzer and highlighter to contour and enhance his features. Parry used these products to define Elvis’ cheekbones and jawline, giving him a more defined, masculine appearance.

Elvis often donned a variety of cosmetics to achieve his signature look. From foundation and eye shadow to lipstick and contouring products, each component was essential in creating an polished and professional stage presence. Through his use of cosmetics, Elvis helped shatter gender stereotypes and encouraged other male performers to experiment with their appearances.

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How Elvis Achieved His Perfect Skin

Elvis Presley is renowned for his flawless complexion and glowing skin, which were an integral part of his look. Many people wonder how he achieved such flawless skin; the answer lies in his meticulous skincare regimen.

Elvis’ flawless skin was due to his healthy lifestyle. He was an avid fitness enthusiast and followed a strict exercise regimen, which helped boost his overall wellbeing. Additionally, his diet consisted of plenty of fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins which provided his body with essential vitamins and nutrients for beautiful skin.

Elvis Presley's pompadour hairstyle

Elvis maintained a healthy lifestyle, as well as an established skincare regimen. To begin, he would cleanse his face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser tailored for his skin type, eliminating any dirt, oil or makeup that had built up throughout the day.

After cleansing his face, Elvis would apply a toner to it which helped restore its natural pH balance and prepare it for further steps in his routine. Afterwards, he’d apply serum or facial oil that provided deep hydration and nourishment to keep his skin soft, supple, and radiant. This helped maintain Elvis’ skin’s softness, suppleness, and glow throughout the day.

Elvis would finish his routine by applying moisturizer to his face and neck, which helped trap moisture and shielded his skin from environmental elements. Additionally, he would wear sunscreen during the day to shield himself from damaging UV rays.

Elvis's flawless skin

Elvis achieved his flawless skin through a combination of healthy lifestyle habits and consistent skincare practices. By providing his skin with essential nutrients and hydration, he was able to keep its flawless complexion throughout life. Elvis’ commitment to maintaining good skincare serves as a reminder that healthy skin requires effort and commitment – but the results are worth it in the end.

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Elvis’s Controversial Use of False Eyelashes

Elvis Presley’s use of false eyelashes was one of the most controversial elements of his look. While many celebrities today opt for false lashes to enhance their natural lashes and create a more dramatic aesthetic, this wasn’t commonplace during Elvis’ heyday.

In the 1950s and 60s, men wearing makeup and false lashes was not common; some viewed it as a sign of weakness or femininity. Nevertheless, Elvis wasn’t afraid to experiment with his appearance and challenge traditional gender norms.

Elvis often chose to wear false lashes during performances to enhance his onstage aesthetic. He believed they created a more dramatic and captivating presence, which was essential for his performances. By donning false lashes, he could draw attention to his eyes and create an intense, captivating look that mesmerized audiences alike.

Although some criticised Elvis’ use of false lashes, others admired his daring and willingness to challenge social norms. Through the example he set for other male performers who wanted to express their creativity through fashion and beauty through experimentation, Elvis provided male performers with an outlet to explore these ideas.

False lashes have become a widely used beauty staple, used by both men and women to enhance their natural lashes for a more dramatic look. Elvis’ use of false lashes may have been controversial at the time, but it ultimately helped shift society’s perspective on gender roles and beauty standards, creating room for greater acceptance of diversity with fashion and beauty


It remains uncertain whether Elvis used makeup, though there is no concrete evidence to back this up. However, it’s entirely plausible that cosmetics were part of his daily grooming regimen.

No matter whether Elvis Presley donned makeup or not, his legacy as a true style icon remains undiminished. His impact on both fashion and music continues to resonate today. No matter what, Elvis will always be remembered as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.