How Can I Keep My Breast Milk Cold While Traveling? 

How Can I Keep My Breast Milk Cold While Traveling? 

Breastfeeding is the most effective approach to feeding your newborn. With many mothers, breastfeeding and pumping while traveling might be daunting.

How can I keep my breast milk cold while traveling? You can use sealed containers to store breast milk in small coolers and insulate with ice packs.

In fact, the way you apply to handle your milk during the trip depends on the mode of travel and distance. 

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How Can I Keep My Breast Milk Cold While Traveling? 

The simplest method for short journeys is to store your baby food in an ice-filled cooler. You might have to freeze it with dry ice or use active cooling equipment for longer excursions, like plane travel.

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, you’ll have to deal with feeding your baby while traveling. This task is not too complicated as you might think. 

The most common way to keep the baby food cold during your trip is using a cooler. You’ll also need to bring an ice-filled cooler along. 

Then, place the breast milk-filled sealed bottles in the ice to ensure the milk is always cold.

Even if you’ve pumped milk, you need to know how to keep your baby’s food cold regardless of the mode of travel. 

Most importantly, you need to ensure your breast milk stays at the right temperature like any other milk product. 

When Traveling By Car

If you want to bring a couple of baby food containers in the car, make sure you leave them at room temperature first.

You’ll have to have a cooler to keep in your vehicle. If possible, you should purchase two coolers. 

One cooler is for the baby food you’re bringing, and the rest is for any additional one you might pump along the way.

If you need more milk, it’s better to prepare a cooler with a higher capacity. 

The cooler must maintain the same temperature, which is not over 41°F. The milk will last for around four days in this condition. 

You may need to utilize a thermometer to check whether the baby food remains as cold as it should be. Otherwise, you might use a cooler with a built-in thermometer.

Storage method when traveling by car

When Traveling By Plane 

It’s critical to be ready to fly with your breast milk onboard. You won’t have to toss away the milk you’ve pumped for the journey if you prepare beforehand.

Make sure you select a high-quality cooler that is entirely watertight. Bring enough ice bags and milk containers with you.

The cooler is one of the carry-on items. Unlike other beverages you would be carrying, like shampoo, the bottles can be larger than 3 oz.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to disclose your cooler at inspection. Before the TSA agent inspects your cooler, request that they put on clean gloves.

To avoid tampering or unintentional spills, seal your cooler with duct tape after security has finished its task.

Storage method when traveling by plane

How To Pump While Traveling? 

If you find pumping on the go challenging, here are step-by-step guidelines to follow: 

Step 1: Select The Proper Pump

Examine your journey conditions and your end destination accommodation. Pick a good pump that is appropriate for your routine and requirements.

Step 2: Find Out The Best Storage Method

During your vacation, identify the most severe risk of milk deterioration and determine the best storage technique to counteract it.

A plug-in car chiller might be the best option if you spend hours traveling across the scorching heat.

Step 3: Carry Out Your Research

  • Check with your location to verify if a fridge is available.
  • Make a reservation for a pump at a nearby hospital.
  • Check with a representative of human resources at the location you plan to visit to see if a room for moms is available.

Step 4: Plan Your Pumping

Irregular pumping might significantly negatively impact milk production over a few days.

Step 5: Pump

Here are a few suggestions for public pumping:

  • Check with a staff member if a mother’s room is available.
  • Pump in a quiet area while wearing a nipple shield.
  • Pump in a lounge or a stall.

Step 6: Clean 

It’s crucial to clean the pump after each pumping. 

Step 7: Store Breast Milk

Store milk right away after pumping in the cooler. 

Step 8: Bring Milk Home In A Cooler

Keep the containers in the cooler along with ice bags. 

Store baby food in a bag

If you want to discover more tips to travel with breastfeeding, you can refer to this video:

Which Breast Pump Should You Take With You When You Travel? 

If you don’t know which pump you should use on the go, here are some recommendations: 

Manual Pumps

These items are the tiniest and least expensive alternative available, but they are not highly effective in breast emptying.

They don’t require a power source to work. In general, they are great for small budgets and short trips. 

Portable Pumps

These are among the most prevalent types of breast pumps for usage at home. That’s because they meet the expenses of purchasing or rental.

They are ideal for extended trips or frequent pumps. 

Hospital-Grade Pumps

They are the hefty but powerful pumps you see in hospitals and certain company-sponsored nursing rooms.

They will be helpful for moms who want to increase milk production.

 Breast pump

How To Warm Up Breast Milk While Travelling? 

The most straightforward approach to ensure you are ready is to bottle our baby food before your trip. But how can you keep it warm when you’re on the go?

Follow these valuable and practical tips: 

  • You’ll need to switch on the hot water in the bathroom.
  • When water is warm enough, pour it into the bottle and swirl it to warm your baby food thoroughly.
  • Check the warmness and feed your baby.

Warm baby food when traveling

In A Nutshell

How can I keep my breast milk cold while traveling? The storage method will depend on the mode of transportation and the distance.

You will need to prepare a proper cooler to keep your baby food cold on the go. Also, you should apply the correct technique to warm your milk while traveling. 

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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