Best Middle Names With Olivia That Your Baby Girl Will Like

You are halfway successful when choosing Olivia for your little girl because this name can go with many middle names. 

With so many beautiful options to select from, it’s no surprise that naming a kid or another beloved one might be difficult.

Here are some of the favorite middle names with Olivia among parents to help relieve some of the stress. Let’s read on to discover! 

Overview Of The Name Olivia

Before going any deeper, we need to check the meaning, variations, and popularity of the name Olivia. 

Meaning of Olivia

Olivia means “olive tree.” It’s a Latin word that first appeared in the 13th century in England. The gorgeous, sought-after lady in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night may have contributed to its first fame.

Olivia is a popular name for girls. It also has a male version, which is Oliver.

Although many baby names are different in terms of gender, Verywell Family thinks that sexuality should not play a factor in naming your kid. It’s crucial to pick a name that you think aptly represents your new child.

The popularity of the name Olivia 

Olivia is a prevalent baby name in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Since 1990, Olivia has always stayed in the top 100 names in the USA. 

Olivia’s popularity increased with “Scandal” in 2012 because the lead character’s name is Olivia. 

In 2014, the refreshingly powerful, feminine name jumped from rank 3 to rank 2 in the United States, where it remained until its successful leap to top 1 in 2019.

two girl lay on grass

Olivia is a popular name for girls

Variations Of Olivia 

The name Olivia has some variations that sound similar, such as:

  • Olyvia in English
  • Alyvia in English
  • Lyvia in English
  • Livia in English and Latin
  • Livie in Latin
  • Olive in Irish
  • Olivie in Latin


If you want some nicknames for your little Olivia, these ideas can help:

  • Liv: This nickname for Olivia is best for someone with a dynamic, lively attitude. The term “liv” comes from a Scandinavian word that means “life.”
  • Ollie: If your baby is patient, generous, and kind, or at least you wish her to be so, you should go for this option. This name was first primarily for boys but is becoming a more excellent choice for girls.
  • Livie: This option is ideal for girls who are always bright, outgoing, optimistic, and cheerful. 

Best Middle Names With Olivia

There are no rules for naming, so that you can go with whatever you like. Here are some of the most popular options to consult if you do not know where to start.

Letter A

Olivia Abigail

Abigail was famous during the Reformation time but dropped out of favor until returning in the 20th century. The name originates from the Hebrew term meaning “father of happiness.”

Olivia Anne

Hannah is a diminutive of Anne, which means “beauty” in Hebrew. Olivia Anne gives a sense of power that can dominate any game. 

Olivia Alexandria

This option is the female version of Alexander. Maybe you want your baby girl’s middle name to have a strong connotation.

Olivia Amber

Olivia Amber is a beautiful girl’s name to inspire parents searching for a bit of flair in their baby’s name. It’s a delicate combination of grace and fierce passion.

Olivia comes with Amber, creating a name that sounds wonderful and refined. 

Olivia Anika

In Bengali and Hindi, this option signifies army or splendor in Sanskrit. It’d be an excellent name for a little girl to give special meaning. 

Olivia April

April links closely to the springtime of birth and beginnings. Hence, Olivia April is a lovely, refreshing name for a baby girl. 

Olivia Alice

Alice is a common baby name forming from the German term Adelaide, which means “nobility.” 

Alice is a charming, old-fashioned name that no one has ever overused. 

Olivia Aria

Opera fans must love this option so much because Aria is an Italian term that means “air,” but it also relates to an operatic song. Only in the 20th century did this name become common in England.

Olivia Aubrey

Aubrey is a terrific option, and its popularity is growing significantly.  

This French-derived word started out as a popular name for men, but it has now developed into a famous gender-neutral option. 

a cute baby with toy

Middle names for Olivia starting with letter A

Letter B

Olivia Bea

Bea stands out among the others. It is a diminutive variant of Beatrice’s Latin name, which means “the one who gives bliss.” 

Olivia Blue

Blue is a gender-neutral name with an American origin that signifies “the color.” 

Blue always remains in the top choices for middle names for Olivia since it can fit almost every name. 

Olivia Berry

This funny and modern name was a surname in Europe before. It means “fruit.” You can turn this surname into a middle name, making an interesting combination with Olivia. 

Olivia Bess

Bess is a controversial middle name for Olivua. You may not like it, but it is undoubtedly something outstanding and unique to try. 

Bess is the shortened word for Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.”

Olivia Beverly

In the 19th century, the name was famous as a boy’s name until becoming trendy as a girl’s name at the beginning of the 20th century. It comes from a city in England that means “beaver creek.”

Olivia Blake 

Blake’s bluntness contrasts sharply with Olivia’s romantic name because it refers to the dark. 

Olivia Blake has the image of a character from a traditional English story, making it a fantastic option to try. 

Olivia Bloom

Bloom is one of the sweetest floral middle names for Olivia. It is a charming middle name that sounds a bit formal compared to Olivia.

Olivia Brielle

Brielle is a diminutive of Gabrielle, which signifies “woman of God.” Some people like to use it as a standalone given name. It’s a wonderful modern name that complements Olivia well.

Olivia Brooke

Brooke means “by a small brook” in English. Olivia Brooke has a distinct tendency to sound both bold and calm, which is perhaps why so many people recommended the combination.

Olivia Brynn

This name can work as a middle name for Olivia or a separate name. When paired with Olivia, it has a lovely ring and gives a sense of nature since the word means “hill.”

a cute baby with red dress sit on grass

There are many middle names for Olivia in this sector

Letter C

Olivia Calla

Calla is a Greek word and the name of a famous lily. In Greek, it means “lovely.” It can go well with Olivia and offer an elegant vibe. 

Olivia Camila

Camilla is a Roman moniker. It’s the name of a brave female warrior in Virgil’s Aeneid. With such a powerful middle name, you’ve got a strong princess in your hands!

Olivia Caroline

This charming name is ideal for those who like a classic first and middle name combination.  

Caroline is a female version of Charles, and her name symbolizes “powerful.”

Olivia Chanda

In Hindi, this name evokes a feeling of passion and fierceness. What an inspiring name for a strong young lady! The name is suitable for both girls and boys and is a trait of the Hindu goddess.

Olivia Catherine

Catherine is a French version of Katherine, meaning “pain” or “each of two in Greece. However, the message it conveys in English is “purity.”

Olivia Claire

If you’re seeking a beautiful, classic, feminine name, Claire should be on your list. Claire is derived from the French word “claire,” meaning “light-colored” or “bright.”

If you choose Olivia Claire to name your baby girl, she will love it. It fits nicely with every little Olivia. 

Olivia Charlotte

This name gained popularity in the 19th century as a female version of Charles. Many royals prefer this option. 

cute baby smiles

Middle names for Olivia that are both nice and meaningful

Letter D

Olivia Diana

Diana is a Roman moon goddess. It also relates to forests, hunting, and childbirth. Your little girl will have a great middle name with this brilliant idea. 

Olivia Dawn

Another popular middle name that can go with Olivia beautifully is Dawn. 

Dawn is a girl’s name with a feminine vibe. It comes from Old English and means “first sight of light” or “daybreak.”

Olivia Dola

The origins of this middle name for Olivia vary depending on the region. In general, it’s a short version of Adeola, standing for “honor and crown.” You can use it for many first and last names.  

Letter E

Olivia Elizabeth

Both the New and Old Testaments have references to Elizabeth. It developed significantly throughout Eastern Europe after Elizabeth I, before growing in popularity in Wes in the 16th century. 

It is still a well-known royal surname nowadays. Hence, Olivia Elizabeth, in general, establishes a sense of royalty. 

Olivia Elise

The name Elise comes from the Latin word meaning “commitment to God.” It gets inspiration from the perennially famous Elizabeth. 

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, dedicating your baby’s life to all that is good and powerful will be an excellent idea.

Olivia Erin

Erin is a typically feminine middle name that means ‘peace.’ This artistic and historical moniker for Ireland comes from Irish culture and starts from the word “eire.”

Erin can go with Olivia perfectly, creating a nice combination that suits your little girl. 

Olivia Eden

One of the best middle names for Olivia is Eden. This word is a Hebrew name that refers to “place of delight.” According to the Bible, Eden is God’s perfect paradise for Adam and Eve.

Olivia Eve

Eve is a Hebrew name that means “life.” It feels right when standing next to Olivia, a majestic name. Both of them are ancient, making them a natural fit.

Olivia Evelyn

Words with three syllables are among the best middle names for Olivia because it makes an excellent combination to hear. 

Evelyn, which means “wished for kid” in English, was first a surname. Evelyn originates from Aveline, which is a feminine French diminutive of Ava.

Olivia Emily

Emil’s female version rose to prominence in the 18th century before fading away in the 20th century. 

Olivia Emily is a perfect combination that sounds nice and brings a vibe of charm and elegance. 

a girl hold juice cup

Many middle names for olivia, starting with the letter E, give a sense of royal

Letter F

Olivia Fern

Fern is a lovely botanical moniker that seems like a beautiful vintage treasure that goes nicely with Olivia.

Olivia is a name about nature. If you add another appellation that symbolizes nature, the name feels even more refreshing. 

This name originated from the term “fearn,” which refers to someone who stays among the ferns.

Olivia Faye 

Faye is from the Middle English word meaning “faie,” which signifies “fairy.”

This word also has another version in French and refers to “loyalty” or “believing.”

Olivia Faye is an excellent idea to try if you look for something noble and royal while sounding pleasant. 

Olivia Faith

Faith is a female name in English that originates from the term faith. It gained popularity in the 17th century after Puritans began adopting it as a virtue moniker.

Olivia Faith is a popular choice among parents who prefer something simple yet meaningful. 

Olivia Frances

Frances is a Latin-derived given name. It has the Latin meaning of “from France” and “free one.”

Middle names for Olivia starting with the letter F are excellent to try

Middle names for Olivia starting with the letter F are excellent to try

Letter G

Olivia Grace

Grace, which means “gracious,” is a famous virtue name. Hence, so many people in Olivia’s group recommended it.

Olivia Grace is a fantastic option since Grace is a name that fits other names perfectly. 

Letter H

Olivia Hazel

Hazel is an English girl’s name that means “hazelnut tree.” Since Olivia stands for the olive tree, this pairing is perfect for bringing a sense of nature. 

Olivia Harper

Harper is a unisex moniker from an English surname that means “harpist,” which may refer to either an artist or a harp craftsman.

Olivia Hope

Owing to the Puritans, Hope has become a famous girl’s name. This virtue’s name means “hope,” as you might assume.

Olivia Hope sounds suspiciously like Olivia Pope from the movie “Scandal,” so you might want to think about other middle names for Olivia.

Letter I

Olivia Ivy

Ivy is a Latin and English root name that means “vine.” It derives from the ivy plant and works well as both middle and last names.  

In Ancient Greece, an ivy wreath was best for couples to symbolize loyalty and love. 

Letter J

Olivia Jade

Jade is a one-of-a-kind name for a unique gemstone. Many people are familiar with jade, a beautiful green stone, but it is also famous as a cool and modern name.

Olivia Jade is a great choice since Jade is a beautiful middle name that can work well with many options.

Olivia Jacqueline

If you’re searching for a powerful female name, try Jacqueline as a middle name for Olivia. Jacqueline is Jacques’s female version, which originates from French. 

Olivia Jacqueline is a gorgeous French name. “May God safeguard” is the essence of this moniker.

Olivia Josephine

Pick Josephine if you’re searching for a long, charming classic name to pair with Olivia. 

Olivia Josephine is a fantastic complement to each other, creating a harmonious balance.

Olivia Jay

Jay is a Latin-derived name that actually refers to the “jaybird.” Although this name is more famous for males, it was previously a gender-neutral moniker. Olivia Jay can strike us as a winner. 

Olivia Joy

Joy is an English word that feels like the right cheerful middle designation to pair with Olivia. You’ll give your baby girl a future full of love and joy if you give her the middle name Joy. 

Olivia Jane

Olivia Jane is a popular name, and some people say they chose it because they respect writer Jane Austen. 

Jane is a name that means “God is gracious.” It is the female version of John.

Olivia June

June baby names were among the most top choices, partially because you can call your baby girl “OJ” for short.  

Olivia June is a lovely name for a girl born in the summer. The Latin name’s meaning is “youth.”

J sounds elegant and gives a charming vibe to middle names for Olivia

J sounds elegant and gives a charming vibe to middle names for Olivia

Letter K

Olivia Kate

Kate is a lovely name that complements many names. Olivia Kate has a charming demeanor while keeping a noble and traditional demeanor. Kate is a short form of Katherine and means “pure.” This middle name for Olivia is also popular. 

Letter L

Olivia Louise

This female form of Louis means “great warrior” in French. Apart from its intimidating meaning, the best part about this option is the plethora of amusing nicknames for Olivia it may offer.

Letter M

Olivia Mae

Mae is a fantastic choice for parents looking for a name with a lot of “wow” impact. Mae’s Irish name means “intoxicating,” derived from an Irish fairy.

Olivia Madison

Madison refers to the “son of Matthew” in English. On the other hand, the USA is the region where it is most common. 

Olivia Madison is young, energetic, and attractive, with a beautiful balance of modernity and tradition. 

Olivia Marie

There are only a few names with two syllables in the list, and Marie is one of them. 

This middle name for Olivia means “bitterness” or “a drop of the sea.” So, you can see that Olivia Marie does come with harshness but still conceals its sweetness.

Olivia Margaret

Margaret’s full name is Margaret Mae Mae, which signifies “bitter.” Margaret has a lovely and refined tone, making Olivia Margaret one of the best combinations that don’t overshadow each other. 

Letter N

Olivia Nikki

This dazzling name is modern, sharp, and trendy. It symbolizes “People’s Victory.” 

Some people may confuse it with “Nicole,” but they are different. 

Olivia Noelle

The middle name Noelle comes from an old French word, which means “Christmas.” It’s also a biblical word that signifies the “birthday of the Lord.”

Olivia Nova

This name refers to a star bursting at the seams with energy. It can describe anything new. 

Many middle names for Olivia originate from Latin and French

Many middle names for Olivia originate from Latin and French

Letter P

Olivia Paige

Olivia signifies “peace,” and Paige means “helper.” So you’ve got yourself a little peacekeeper when naming your child Olivia Paige. 

Paige is undoubtedly one of the middle names for Olivia that many parents really like.

Olivia Pearl

Pearl is an ancient charmer who is presently going through a reformation. This lovely name originates from Latin and signifies exactly what you may think.

Letter Q

Olivia Quinn

Quinn is a great gender-neutral name for baby girls that is becoming extremely popular. Conn is an Irish name that means “leader” or “descendant of Conn.” 

This fantastic middle name has Latin origins, and Olivia Quinn symbolizes just what you’d expect.

Letter R

Olivia Rae

Rae is a name that signifies ‘wise guardian.’ It’s the feminine form of the name Ray.

Olivia Reese

Reese has grown in popularity among both girls and boys over the previous decade. In Welsh, the word signifies “ardor.” 

Olivia Reese has a laid-back, calm attitude. The name Olivia has a playful coolness, which Reese adds to.

Olivia Rina

This Japanese name has different meanings depending on the kanji characters. The symbolism of white jasmine, countryside, and vegetables are all possibilities. The first idea is the one we suggest.

Olivia Robin

Considering how many famous girls’ names contain themes of flowers, wildlife, and birds, it’s surprising that Robin isn’t more common. 

Inspired by the gorgeous Bird, Olivia Robin is a lovely name that needs more recognition. 

Olivia Rose

This botanical moniker combination is one of the top picks since it offers so much natural flavor. The term “rose” has historically referred to a flower.

Many names related to nature can go well with Olivia

Many names related to nature can go well with Olivia

Letter S

Olivia Sage

Olivia Sage sounds fresh, like the perfect complement to a delicious dinner. 

Sage is a beautiful herb, but it also signifies “knowledge.” It would be a difficult move, but we couldn’t miss one. 

Olivia Shae

If you are seeking middle names for Olivia, this option should be one of your ways to go.

Shae is a gender-neutral Aboriginal name with the meaning Hawk. Parents will like this baby name so much. 

Olivia Sky

Sky is a name that started in Norse and meant “cloud.” Olivia Sky is a lovely name that is bold while being as light as a feather.

You might add an “E” at the end to make this word unique. Sky and Skye are both suitable names.

Olivia Sophia

The meaning of this old Greek name is intelligence. It also has a lovely ring to it. Sophia works perfectly as a filler in a name sandwich.

Letter T

Olivia Tess

Tess is a diminutive version of Theresa that signifies “to harvest.” Olivia Tess does have a laid-back, easy attitude that many parents would like.

Letter V

Olivia Victoria

Victor is a feminine version of Victor, which in Latin signifies triumph. Queen Victoria helped it gain popularity in England.

Olivia Vivian

The term “life” is the core of its name, which is Latin in history. It has a nice ring to it, and the meaning is perfect for encouraging your child to live by the slogan carpe diem.

Letter W

Olivia Wynn

Wynn is one of the most flexible, sounding great with practically any surname. This Welsh word refers to “fair.”

Olivia Wren

This middle name Wren means “little bird” in English. In Ireland, the Bird is renowned as a “magic.” 

In the USA, this name became famous in 2012, and it has only risen in prominence in the following years.

Letter Z

Olivia Zen

Zen is a Japanese Buddhist spiritual concept that highlights the importance of intuition and meditation. However, Olivia Zen brings out a contract concept, which is colorful and energetic!

You have many choices to name your little Olivia

You have many choices to name your little Olivia

Final Words

There are many options when choosing the most beautiful middle names for Olivia. You should first think about the meaning of the name and be sure that the full name sounds. 

Hopefully, this article will come up with the most suitable middle names for Olivia so that your little princess can appreciate them. 

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