50 Beautiful Names That Mean Healer For Baby Boys & Girls

Finding a name for your baby is a fun, happy, and remarkable part of being a parent but is usually the most daunting. Of course, who doesn’t want an impressive and unique name? This first gift will go with your baby for life.

Since there are thousands of ideas for a baby name, you should narrow it down by thinking about the meaning behind the name.

“Healer” is a beautiful, wonderful person who treats everybody with healing energy, whether it’s a psychological, mental, emotional, or physical ailment.

If you wish to seek a meaningful name for your little love instead of sticking to something sound, trendy, or artistic, it’s a good idea to consider names that mean healer.

We’ve listed the top 50 names for baby boys and girls who will heal everybody around them with positive energy. Scroll down!

25 Names That Means Healer For Girls

You can find the most mesmerizing, unique girl names that mean healer on this list.

Letter A

  • #1 Aala

Despite including only four letters, the name “Aala” represents great strength and intensity. It carries the sense of “a hunter and healer” or “a chaser and healer.” Your lovely girl will be proud of such a strong name that means healing.

  • #2 Aceso

Aceso is a unique signature with a mythological root relating to a healer. There’s a goddess of healing, recuperating, and sickness called Aces. This associated interesting fact makes “Aceso” a memorable and rare name to gift your infant.

  • #3 Airmed

This signature originates from the Republic of Ireland. There’s Irish mythology about a woman called “Airmed,” who was one of the Tuatha de Danann and renowned for the ability to heal injured people in battles.

Her tears could sprout healing herbs, relieving pain and healing those whose bodies were injured.

  • #4 Althea

Althea is a girly and mesmerizing word.

Althea is a girly and mesmerizing word.

This ethereal, enchanting signature has a Greek origin. You can find it in Greek historical mythology and pastoral poetry. Althea means “healing power.”

It’s a mesmerizing, beautiful name idea, representing the positive energy of a healer. Your lovely one would appreciate it for sure.

Some of its variations include “Althia,” “Altheda,” and “Altheta.”

  • #5 Amethyst

Many parents choose this option because it means healer, but it’s pretty mesmerizing and captivating. “Amethyst” originates from the name of a purple gem used for healing and enchantment.

Also, this gem is the birthstone or symbol of February. It would be even a greater option if your little girl was born this month.

Letter B

  • #6 Bona

With simply four letters, Bona represents the combination of meaning, charm, and beauty. This one is the first or middle name of a Roman goddess who carried the power of ripeness, virginity, and healing.

Due to the mythological root and strong characteristic, Bona has a distinctiveness and is perfect for naming your healing newborn.

  • #7 Brighid

One more signature of choice that means healing is Brighid. This one is regal, originating from mythology.

A goddess of healing intelligence, verse, and fire named Brighid was well-known for the power of saving people from pain. This one also means power and strength.

Letter C

  • #8 Cannenta

A fancy, luxurious-sounding name that means healer that you can consider for your little princess is the name Cannenta. It is a very ladylike and feminine name of Latin origin, and it carries the meaning of “healer.”

Letter E

  • #9 Eir

Are you seeking a brief signature but carrying a goddess-like, gorgeous punch? This one hits the spot. A girl whose name is Eir appears sweet, airy, and light, whether her character is strong and bold or not.

Eis is multicultural and beautiful, referred to as a Norse goddess. This woman embodies healing, help, and mercy. It’s a good idea to consider such a delightful title for your infant.

  • #10 Eirny

This one is relatively new since we rarely find people named “Eirny,” but it promises to be popular soon due to its loveliness.

The signature has a Scandinavian root, representing the energy of fresh healing. Your baby girl will carry with her the high hope of new beginnings.

  • #11 Emma

Emma is a widely popular name that means healer for girls all over the globe, which is timelessly chic and charming and means healer.

Many parents choose to call their newborns “Emma” because it delivers widespread favor and appeal attached to various meanings, which mostly are “whole” and “complete.”

Yet, this graceful signature means “universe’s healer” in Teutonic. Isn’t it a magnificent, stylish name for your little love?

Letter F

  • #12 Febris

She will be happy to know that she has the same name as a healing goddess.

She will be happy to know that she has the same name as a healing goddess.

We’re highly into this lovely and appealing mythological name. Febris is a Roman-rooted word and an ancient moniker literally translated to “fever.”

Back in the era of Ancient Rome, people believed that if someone caught malaria or fever, the goddess of healing named “Febris” would come and use her power to heal them.

Letter G

  • #13 Galena

Indeed, we’ve rarely encountered people named “Galena” much in public for a few decades. This one is the girly version of “Galen,” meaning quiet or healer.

This rare name will somehow make your daughter stand out from the crowd, and other people will remember her for longer.

  • #14 Gro

This three-letter name will leave an impression and make a mark. Everyone will remember your baby as a girl with a unique name meaning healer.

Gro is a Danish-rooted signature, and its core meaning is to grow, heal, or develop. That’s another uncommon idea to consider. Though it’s not mainstream, it’ll undoubtedly be memorable.

It’s an uncommon name that isn’t mainstream but will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Letter I

  • #15. Ianuaria

If you fancy a delicate name that carries intricate, charming complexity, the signature Ianuaria will be an excellent option. Mythologically, a Celtic woman named Ianuaria was a symbol of healing.

  • #16 Iaso

Iaso is also a rare yet beautifully delicate name that means healer. We love it since it has an adorable, musical, and ladylike vibe, which incredibly applies to naming a girl.

A goddess of healing named Iaso was well-known for her ability to remedy, cure, and heal.

Letter L

  • #17 Leigh

Another timelessly charming signature is Leigh. What makes it a beloved and pretty name is surprisingly the prominent yet straightforward beauty.

This one represents various meanings, and the Celtic meaning is “healer.” One of this signature’s lovely, quaint modifications is “Leigha,” which also means healer.

Letter M

  • #18 Meditrina

The fancy Meditrina may appeal to you with frills and delightful pronunciation. Like the above names, Meditrina has a mythological origin, believed to belong to a Roman goddess of healing. This divine woman carried the ability and charm of healing.

She could restore well-being and health when summer, winter, exhaustion, and weariness approached.

Letter P

  • #19. Panacaea

A name can embody various meanings.

A name can embody various meanings.

The sounding and ladylike Panacaea will wow everyone with its distinct musical aspects. Mythologically, a goddess of healing named Panacaea was capable of using curative medicine for curing people.

She used a magical concoction to cure and keep illnesses and diseases at bay. This signature literally means “cure for all diseases and illnesses.”

Letter R

  • #20 Rafaela

We recommend going for this option if an utterly charming, ladylike, stylish, and chic signature is to your liking.

As you first hear the name, a vision of a girl with dark eyes and flowing locks is likely to come to your mind instantly. Also, this intoxicatingly enchanting name embodies the meaning of healing.

  • #21 Reseda

There is a mesmerizingly mysterious story about this lovely name. It has a Latin American origin, embodying the enchanting meaning of healer and healing.

Letter S

  • #22 Sekhmet

The rare Sekhmet will make first-meet people remember your daughter for longer with a powerful, regal meaning. An Egyptian goddess named Sekhmet embodies the power of healing and medicine.

  • #23. Shaushka

One of the rarest names that mean healer is the lovely, distinct Shaushka. This mythological name belongs to a Hittite goddess who could control healing, war, and fertility.

Though this one is uncommon, it’ll never go out of style.

  • #24. Sirona

When you pronounce the beguiling Sirona, it’ll roll off your tongue sweetly. This signature belongs to a Celtic goddess who is capable of healing people.

Letter Z

  • #25. Zywie

No one can deny the loveliness of this name. Your daughter would be proud of being a mesmerizing, whimsical girl called “Zywie.”

Mythologically, this signature belonged to a Slavic goddess, who embodies the power of health and healing. Zywie is a fantastic name that means healer for baby girls that you should consider.

25 Names That Means Healer For Boys

Now is the section for your little gentlemen. We promise to bring the most interesting, fantastic names that mean healer for boys to the table. Scroll down!

Letter A

  • #1 Aeson

A variation of a common name is also a good idea.

A variation of a common name is also a good idea.

You might not know that Aeson is a modification of Jason, which has emerged as one of the widely popular boy names that mean healer currently.

This name has dominated and commanded warriors’ hearts and minds, carrying the inspirational meaning of healing.

  • #2 Alaunus

One of the baby names that mean healer with a Greek origin and is pretty uncommon yet powerful is Alaunus. Mythologically, a Gaulish god of healing named Alaunus had control over the sun and prophecy. The signature also means light and brightness.

  • #3 Apollo

We would like to recommend a powerful name connoting strength and power, Apollo. It has a Greek origin, having been around for an extended period yet remaining fresh and hip.

A Greco-Roman god of healing, whose name was Apollo, was well-known for the capability of light, sun, and music. It’s such a great idea to consider when naming your baby boy.

  • #4 Arpachshad

When we first met a guy named “Arpachshad,” he hit us with a memorable and uncommon name. If that’s what you’re looking for, this option is good to go.

This Hebrew-rooted name means “releaser,” “helper,” or “healer.” One of its latest variations is “Arphaxad.”

  • #5 Asa

Despite including three letters only, this one embodies a powerful, wonderful meaning. Asa has a Biblical root, indicating “a morning sun person,” “doctor,” “healer,” or “expert.”

It’s a neutral-gender or unisex name, applying to every gender. Most parents use it for their baby boy since it sounds super cool!

Letter B

  • #6 Bliant

Another name meaning healer for boys is Bliant – a word inspired by Arthurian legend. Indeed, in Arthurian mythology, Selivant’s brother named Bliant fought Lancelot yet eventually was defeated.

This option is also a unisex name and the perfect choice if you wish your boy to appear solid, powerful, yet healing.

Letter C

  • #7 Chiron

We fall in love with this word due to its poetic and distinctive aspects and strongly recommend you use it as the first gift for your little boy.

This romantic, melodious word appears during the ancient Shakespeare era. A centaur called Chiron was well-known for great knowledge and healing capabilities.

Letter E

  • #8 Eshmun

Boys named Eshmun usually appear calm and warm. This one is pretty rare and uncommon – a distinctive moniker belonging to a Phoneician of curing.

  • #9 Errapel

We’ve got a super popular word in Israel, which is rare and unique elsewhere – Errapel. The intricate name has a Hebrew origin, embodying an exquisite message. One of its inspirational meanings is “divine healer.”

Letter G

  • #10 Galen

Which boy wouldn’t love a cool, manly name? 

Which boy wouldn’t love a cool, manly name? 

It’s no wonder that Galen just sounds cool and manly as we pronounce it. It means “calm” or “healer.”

In the 2nd century, a physician named Galen was the one who laid the foundation for medicine and developed it. Give your boy this name and inspire him to become a wonder doctor or healer like that.

  • #11 Grannus

We’ve got another rare name meaning healer here – Grannus. That’s how people call a Gaulish deity who was synonymous with the healing, cooling spring positioned inside Granum city.

Letter H

  • #12 Heka

Many parents seem not interested in a brief name for their baby boys. However, this one embodies a powerful meaning and royal, godly connotation.

It originates from an Egyptian god of healing named Heka, who could define wellness and health. If you desire a captivating name that means healer for the infant, consider this option.

  • #13 Helem

This Israeli-rooted name embodies the adorable meaning of healing or dreaming. As time goes by, it’s become scarcer to encounter boys named Helem. So, if you choose this one, your boy will have a unique, recognizable identity.

Letter I

  • #14 Iason

Many people believe this word is a variation of the popular “Jason.” It represents the meaning of treat. We’re fond of this one more than the traditional version since it sounds cool, distinctive, and bears a meaningful message.

Letter J

  • #15 Jaison

We’ve got another modification of Jason, which is also fantastic and means healer – Jaison.

In Greek legend, the Argonauts’ leader named Jaison bravely searched for the Golden Fleece.

  • #16 Jayr

You may think Jayr is a trendy and current name, but this word has appeared in the US since people found the colonies. That means it’s a timelessly cool name that remains fresh over the years. The ancient name means “healer” and sounds hip.

  • #17 Josiah

We love this extraordinary idea since it features an old-fashioned aspect and gentlemanly air.

Josiah is a Biblical-rooted name, meaning “Jehovah heals” – such a beautiful meaning that makes the word even more fantastic to be a human’s name. Some of its charming variations include “Josias” and “Joziah.”

Letter K

  • #18 Ken

Why not call your adorable baby using a doll’s name?

Why not call your adorable baby using a doll’s name? 

A widely-known fact is that Ken is a famous American doll. That’s why this name sounds very “American” and gained huge popularity.

However, it’s, indeed, a modified version of a Japanese word, where the word Ken means “a strong and healthy boy.” Parents will likely choose this multicultural, hip, short name for their newborns.

Letter L

  • #19 Lee

“Lee” sounds trendy and new, but it has actually been around for centuries. Though it’s short, it packs much appeal and charm. Lee is a new version of “Leah,” which means “clearing” in English and “healer” in Celtic.

  • #20 Lenus

This one precisely is what you’re looking for – a unique name that means healer and makes a prolonged impression. Lenus possesses an old-world and regal appeal, related to a Celtic deity who can heal people.

Letter M

  • #21 Maponus

Maponus features a beautiful tongue roll-off as a pronounced and uncommon uniqueness.

A Gaulish god named Maponus is synonymous with the power of healing with magical waters, also related to poetry, verses, beauty, and song.

  • #22 Melchi-Shua

Your cute boy will take pride in this unforgettable and rare name, which invites attention to him. It has an Israeli root, believed to mean “health king” or “magnificent king.”

Letter N

  • #23 Ninazu

This one flawlessly combines the beauty of a meaningful name and divine mythology. In Sumerian legend, Ninazu embodies the meaning of healing.

Letter R

  • # 24 Rafael

There are various characteristics included in the name: lovely, beautiful, and strong. These are the qualities of a kind healer. This first gift will somehow help you tell him to become a helpful and warm person like that.

Letter W

  • #25 Wong

Lastly, a short, strong, and no less sweet name that means healing is Wong. It has a Chinese root, believed to be a Chinese deity’s middle name that bears the ability to heal.

The Bottom Line

Thinking about an inspirational, positive, and significant meaning is a clever way to choose the best name for your lovely newborn.

One of the most beautiful meanings to consider is “healer,” which will make the baby proud of and happy when he/she grows.

Whether you opt for an unusual, rare, or traditinal idea, the 50 names that mean healer above will cover.

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