The Best Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person [20+ Ideas]

Pregnancy is truly a unique and unexpected experience. Inspiration will well up from the bottom of your heart, and you want to scream to the world about that great happiness.

The rise of social media has made pregnancy announcements so much easier. However, it will be better to announce this exciting news in-person to your nearest and dearest.

Through this article, let’s explore creative, exciting, and lovely pregnancy announcement ideas!

When Should You Reveal Your Pregnancy?

An announcement party

An announcement party 

Pregnancy is a big event, and you will want to consider a lot before announcing your pregnancy to family members. The best time is entirely up to your personal preference.

Most people tend to wait until the end of their first ultrasound, which is usually about six weeks or earlier. Others want a safer option. 

They can wait 12 weeks to 3 months to reduce the risk of miscarriage. From week 13 to week 19 (the second trimester), the risk of miscarriage only ranges from 1 to 5%, so many people would consider announcing it at this point.

When it comes to early pregnancy announcements, it comes with certain benefits. You won’t have to pretend with sudden bouts of nausea or make-up stories when you suddenly crave or avoid a portion of a particular food.

However, many people do not want early notice to reduce the risks of miscarriage. But if you’ve experienced it once, you may wish to let your loved one know sooner.

The general rule about telling people if you’ve had a miscarriage is empathy. You wish your loved ones would share and comfort you in unfortunate cases.

You’re better off reporting the good news to your husband privately and then waiting a day or two to tell the entire family. Waiting time also depends on your feelings a lot.

If you don’t want your “too friendly” neighbors to know too much about your personal life, wait a little longer before you want to make it public.

How Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

Tell your family the good news

Tell your family the good news

Let’s grasp a few common pregnancy rules before you get started with any crazy pregnancy announcement ideas. These include the nature and proper sequence of a pregnancy announcement:

  • Tell your partner as soon as possible. Many times the two of you will know it together but if not, make sure your partner knows right away.

They are the ones who expect the baby just as much as you. One piece of advice is to keep this as private as possible.

  • Don’t forget to tell your closest people. If your grandparents-to-be receive news of your pregnancy through a social media post, they will be unfortunate and disappointed. Please arrange a suitable time to announce the pregnancy for them.
  • Don’t force yourself if you’re not ready. If acquaintances notice strange points in your eating habits, they may raise questions. 

However, you don’t have to pressure yourself when you’re not ready. For those who don’t like lying, you can play around or tell them, “don’t jump to conclusions.”

  • Take note of your audience. The critical element of a surprise pregnancy announcement is that people don’t know about it.

Therefore, you can invite them to a family dinner during the holidays so they won’t be suspicious. At work, keep it a secret until you tell your boss.

Then, inform a colleague and let the rumor spread on its own. It fits perfectly into your outer social circle.

  • Finally, don’t forget to capture the moments. If you’ve been searching for creative pregnancy announcement ideas, you’ll want to keep them in mind. Have a camera or smartphone ready and have your partner make a mark. They will be fond memories.

20+ Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

To announce pregnancy to the whole family, you’ll need to find a pregnancy announcement idea that’s compelling and unexpected. No need to worry because we have prepared fun ideas right to make your loved ones feel excited.

Using An Announcement T-shirt

Use customizable t-shirts

Use customizable t-shirts

One of the funny pregnancy announcement ideas that you can use is to buy “XX-to-be” announcement shirts.

You can go with your partner to wear two “Mom-to-be” and “Dad-to-be” shirts to visit your family. Just act normal and don’t say anything about it until they figure it out for themselves. Surely everyone will be pleased and surprised, and it is a highly natural way to talk about the arrival of a new baby.

Another way you can use to announce the big news to everyone is to put t-shirts with different titles in the gift box. You can then wrap each gift pack and send it to each person in a family gathering. Tell them to open them simultaneously; that moment will be unforgettable.

Playing Game

At family gatherings, people often play games together to increase family affection.

You can use these moments to make your pregnancy reveal. Choose games like Kahoot or Pictionary so everyone can prepare in advance. 

Then draw or make suggestions related to the baby and let everyone guess. The emotions of your loved ones when discovering the hidden meaning in your game will explode and be extremely happy.

Another fun game you can use is “read my lips.” Prepare noise-canceling headphones and play happy songs for players.

Your task will be to announce your pregnancy, and everyone will guess together. Expect good laughs as people get confused about the answers.

Custom Wine Label

Family dinner is one of the best times to announce your pregnancy to everyone. Use support tools like custom wine labels as a subtle way of informing loved ones.

These wine bottles with custom stickers will be a cute gift for everyone. And as we gather around the table, let’s raise a toast to soon-to-be grandparents, aunts, or uncles.

Revealing Mug


Revealing mugs

Revealing mugs

Revealing mugs is one of the fun ways to announce pregnancy to your family. These pretty glasses can change color when you pour cold water and reveal a secret message. Another option is glasses with a message on the bottom of the cup.

Write something like “congratulations on becoming a grandparent/aunt/uncle/…” in the glass.

You can contact the makers of personalized cups and ask them to write sentences to their liking.

It will create excitement for those participating in the party and a surprise.

Using Books

There are many books and stories about pregnancy that you can use to announce to your loved ones. You can order a book and carefully wrap it up to keep the family informed. It will also be an excellent resource for you to read and refer to once the baby arrives.

One of the other cute pregnancy announcement ideas is to use pregnancy announcement books. The little story here will guide your grandparents and loved ones through the upcoming changes.

This book is really an adorable idea for your parents or parents-in-law to know about the arrival of a tiny being in the family.

Playing Sports

Playing or watching sports is a fun way to announce your baby’s arrival to your loved ones. You can consider golf or tennis matches. To make things even more surprising, come up with some hidden hints about your pregnancy.

For example, you could use a tennis ball to tell people you’re pregnant.

Musical Video

For those of you who can edit videos, why not confidently express your creativity and make a music announcement that you are pregnant? This idea is also fascinating if your loved ones are far away. 

You can also save this video for a long time and watch it again when you want. It will be filled with happy emotions.

Custom Puzzle

Using fun quizzes is also one of the cute pregnancy announcements for your family members. You can hide the puzzle pieces around a nearby camping area and invite your family to visit. Don’t make them too complicated. Just let things happen as naturally and as fun as possible.

Another fun way is to use plain white puzzles that you can find on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. Draw the congratulatory messages the way you want and shuffle the pieces together. Then you can enjoy everyone’s puzzle-solving process.

Greeting Cards

These days, handwriting cards sound like something far-fetched and fictional. But if you want to use it as a pregnancy announcement idea, this is a great way.

Consider buying cards in the most subtle and elegant colors possible. You can use cute baby pictures on the card or not. 

The card can come with any gift (you can consider other options on this list). This idea is perfect for the Christmas or Thanksgiving season when everyone wants to give each other gifts.

Baby Socks

What could be more evident than a baby sock?

You can use them to announce pregnancy to your family if it is your first or even second child. Get these adorable baby socks to dress them up, and wait and see if any members notice the difference. It is also a fun addition to gifts to give to loved ones.

Another fun way is to combine socks with baby shoes to announce that your first child will become a big brother in the future. This moment can be touching or funny, but it is sure to be highly memorable.

Using Sonogram Photo

Using a sonogram photo

Using a sonogram photo

Using a sonogram image is one of the most creative and original pregnancy announcements you can take advantage of.

You can blend it into other photos and let people find out. The correct times can be when the family gathers to review the memories in a photo album. You can also mix them with the handwritten birthday greeting cards we recommended above.

For those who want to announce more formally, order personalized frames and insert your ultrasound photos in them. These photo frames also come with custom text, and you can write wishes for your baby.

This ultrasound photo would also be a great visual for you to let all your Facebook and Instagram friends know.


Flowers are versatile and highly functional. They are suitable for any event, even if you want to announce the good news to your family.

You can choose from elegant flowers such as roses, peonies, etc., and attach them with a greeting card. This gift is adorable, and the special message can make the flower recipient feel surprised, joyful, and happy.

Dress Up Your Dog Or Cat


If you have a dog or a cat, we are sure you will consider them as your close family member. So, you can ask these four-legged friends to be the announcers and messengers for everyone to know.

Organize a family gathering and dress your friend in a lovely bib with the announcement of your pregnancy. The dog will carry that message everywhere and let everyone see it.

This adorable messenger is sure to bring joy and an impression to any party member.

Chocolate Box

Have you ever seen boxes of chocolates or large parcels of cakes with each word written on each cake? 

It would be an excellent dessert for the party. Please wait until the party’s over to give everyone a surprise. You can ask a loved one or your partner to open the box and enjoy their burst of happiness right after.

Capture The Moment

If you feel the above methods are too complicated and require a lot of tools, consider using the “capture the moment” method.

You can start by telling everyone that you want to take a group photo. Once everyone’s in position, switch your phone from photo mode to video mode and say, “Everyone, say, 1, 2, 3 *your name* is pregnant!” The emotions at that time will be highly explosive, and you have recorded everything.

Golden Egg Reveal

Tiny golden eggs will be an idea to announce pregnancy impressively to your loved ones. Each egg is packed in its loaf and kraft box with the words “Crack Me!” stamp on the inside of the top cover.

The recipient will crack the egg to reveal your printed message delicately printed on high-quality parchment dyed and annealed by hand. You can find shops that produce these adorable golden eggs on e-commerce platforms.

Cupcake Or Bun

Bun in the oven

Bun in the oven

The cupcakes are a sweet gift that you can use to announce your pregnancy to everyone. The classic oven will be the cutest and most adorable gift box. Place a delicious cupcake inside so your family knows there’s a bun in the oven!

This method is entirely classic but not outdated. People will surely be happy to realize the meaning of the message.


Give your loved ones and friends a gift they can cherish for a lifetime. One of the most extraordinary gifts is necklaces with messages to inform them.

You can contact stores on e-commerce platforms to choose a suitable model. This personalized little gift can last for a long time and become a lovely piece of jewelry. Do not forget to attach the message you want to send to them.

Sidewalk Announcement

One of the most natural and lovely ideas is to notify everyone while walking.

We know well that you’ll want to climb onto the roof and scream your good news to the world. However, consider writing it in chalk on the sidewalk and showing your parents how to read it. Write that message in areas your parents frequent, like the coffee shop or the park where they usually go for a walk every night.

Whatever you decide, here’s an easy, stress-free, and budget-friendly way to some excellent baby announcement ideas.

Baby Balloon

Baby balloons

Baby balloons

Adorable balloons are an indispensable part of birthday parties, wedding receptions, or even pregnancy announcement parties. These balloons will be a great message to surprise your family.

Arrange the message by the door so that people open the door and read it immediately.

The Baby Momma Dance

If you are a rhythm and music lover, consider learning the Baby Momma dance. Watch the video below and learn the moves.

Plan a little cocktail party once you’ve got to the T and play some good dance music. And while everyone is having fun, announce that you’ve prepared some dance moves for them and dance hard.

You can even ask your partner to take dance lessons with you; it will be more fun! Don’t forget to set up your camera and film everything!

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article of ours has suggested ways to announce pregnancy to family in person. Notifications via text message or social media are becoming more and more popular these days, but there is nothing more sincere and profound than saying it yourself.

Your loved ones will surely be delighted to receive good news, and there is no reason to stop them from receiving it. Please share with everyone, and they will also support you more during pregnancy and give helpful advice.

If you find our articles useful and exciting, don’t forget to share them with your friends. You can also learn more in our blog for other interesting and valuable knowledge. Congratulations once again!

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