What Diaper Size Should I Stock Up On? [Best Stocking Guide]

Children will need a lot of diaper changes since birth. Therefore, parents want to reserve a quantity in advance. This problem is complex when considering many factors such as weight, measurements, and finances.

What size diapers do you need the most? Most babies will start at a newborn size then end up spending most of the day swaddled in size 4.

Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

When To Switch To New Diaper Sizes?

parent changes diaper for baby

Changing a diaper

Buying diapers is an important matter, especially when choosing the size.

The weights specified in the measurements of disposable or cloth diapers do not overlap. If your baby is in the middle, consider choosing a smaller number. It will reduce the cost you have to spend on buying napkins and limit leakage.

However, let’s estimate the time when children have significant physical development. A few notable signs include:

  • Coverage around the baby’s legs: Make sure the washcloth can wrap around the baby’s bottom. If the leg cuffs are covered, the wipes are too loose and can leak.
  • Red marks on skin: When changing napkins, if you notice spots on the skin, it means the pad is too tight for the baby.
  • Waist stretch: You shouldn’t stretch the bra straps. They should preferably fit most babies.

Many parents complain that newborn baby wipes are often too tight, but size 1 napkins are too loose in the infant stage. Solving them is to use measurement one but fold the waist before putting it on.

Parents should also consider switching between different brands to find the diaper size for their baby.

What Diaper Size Should I Stock Up On?

table of diaper sizing chart

Diaper sizing chart

Many people have some problems preparing newborn diapers. Children will often use a lot of wet diapers in the first few weeks. Even if that child is potty trained, you will still need napkins for them when outside.

The number of towels you need will depend on their type. There are two types of napkins. Decide which products you’ll want to use before starting as they affect your future diaper changes.

With disposable diapers, most parents should be aware that babies can use about 3,000 in the first year alone. The brand is also a factor to consider when paying attention to material and measurements.

Many people give newborns diapers at showers to celebrate the baby’s arrival. Even so, the weight of a baby will have a significant jump to about 3 kg in the first month, so not many people use the newborn size.

The storage of pampers diapers is also related to your personal space. Make sure your warehouse is spacious enough to hold enough napkins. Advice is not to stock more than two sizes at a time.

A few tips to help you store most napkins include:

Starting Small

You don’t need to buy a lot of diapers the first time; try stocking at size newborn and size 1. If the brand you’re using doesn’t satisfy you, it’s a lot easier to change.

You should only start buying diapers more when you have found the correct measurement, fit, and quality for your requirements. When planning, don’t forget to keep your baby’s weight and growth rate in mind.

Unless it’s an emergency, you shouldn’t buy diapers at the total price. There are always best deals for people who know some tips.

Napkins from different brands also offer different experiences. Sometimes, high-priced products are more comfortable; it is a worthy investment.

Diaper Change Frequency

Change your baby’s diapers regularly at least two to three times a day. Other parents often change diapers after their baby poops or urinates.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), about 8% of parents choose to change their pads infrequently to save money. Even so, this action can have consequences such as yeast infections and diaper rashes.

Boys And Girls

Many factors influence the choice of different diaper sizes, and gender is one of them.

A medium-sized baby boy will switch to a size 1 diaper at four weeks of age and a size 2 at three to four months. These transitions will last longer for girls as they use size 1 napkins from six weeks of age and size up between four and five months.

Changing diapers for boys is also much more complex, and you may have to wrap more because babies are often hyperactive.

The way to save money with energetic babies is to have a cloth or washcloth ready. It will help you temporarily clean your baby while adding diapers.

Box Or Bag?

A diaper bag will contain less than the box, so parents can buy the bag form to avoid ordering multiple times. If the baby shows signs of growth and needs a new measurement, use a box as the diaper cost will be more affordable.

Cloth Diapers

Those who want to swaddle their babies should prepare about 20 for babies. This number may sound redundant and will consume a lot of budgets, but it is just enough for you to reserve.

These pads have a cool feature that you can freely adjust the measurement to fit your baby, even during potty training.

You should not wash more than 12 to 18 sheets at a time. Make sure you always have the numbers you need to keep your replacements on a regular schedule.

Many parents also use a combination of both napkins for more convenience when traveling or as a backup.

Disposable Diaper Size Buying Guide

This section will help you answer the question: “What size diapers do you need the most of?”. Keep in mind that the increased measurement will cause you to get fewer diapers in one box.

You can watch the video below to understand how to choose the measurement of a baby wipe.

Premie (6 Pounds And Under)

Only premature babies need to use this type of liner, and not all babies are like that. However, supplement your purchase plan if you cannot accurately predict your pregnancy.

Newborn (10 Pounds And Under)

How many newborn diapers do you need? Because babies overgrow, you’ll need to change the measurement after just a few weeks. 

The amount used per day will range from 8-12 pieces, equivalent to about one to two boxes. Each box of newborn napkins can hold about 140 pieces.

The hospital also provides free linens, so try asking them.

Size 1 (8 -14 Pounds)

At the age of four months, children will switch to size 1. The amount of use needed will be from 8-10 pieces per day.

Each box of size 1 napkins usually includes 164 pieces, and parents should prepare three to four boxes.

Size 2 (12-18 Pounds)

This measurement is suitable for babies between three and eight months old and can produce eight to nine dirty napkins per day. Have three to five boxes ready with 142 in each box.

Size 3 (16-28 Pounds)

This timing is perfect for stockpile diapers. You’ll be wondering: “How many diapers do I need for this stage?” when your baby reaches 5 to 24 months old.

A baby this age will need six to seven dirty napkins a day. Each box has 136 pieces, so you will probably need seven to eight boxes.

Size 4 (22-37 Pounds)

Changing diaper for a baby

Changing a baby’s diaper

Babies aged 18 to 36 months will use size 4 diapers in quantities ranging from five to seven per day.

Many parents don’t stock up on these sizes from the start because kids won’t need them until they’re two years old. The amount used will range from two to five boxes.

Size 5 (27-35 Pounds)

When a child reaches 27 pounds or more, a size 5 is most appropriate. It is when they are three years old. When the time comes, plan to use them and stock them up.

Size 6 (35 Pounds And Over)

Size 6 napkins are the largest sizes available from many brands and are usually made for children as young as four years old—plan to buy and stock up as needed.

Size 7 (41 Pounds And Over)

Toddlers can use a size 7 diaper but very little. Only a small number of brands make this measurement, for example, Pampers.

Tips For Stocking Up Diapers

Diaper stocking up 

Diaper stocking up 

To store and add diapers at the best price, keep a few tips in mind:

  • Shop around at the grocery store or online for deals. Subscribe to Amazon Subscribe and Save Options for better deals. Stores also regularly offer discount codes so that you can hunt them down.
  • Ask for free diapers or gifts. Many people will use napkins for baby shower gifts. In addition, hospitals and single moms’ support programs will also give you some towels when needed.
  • Keep receipts! Keep receipts to understand the origin of the underwear. The worst thing you can do is stock up on products that don’t work for you. Tickets will help you with long-term exchange policies.

How Much Do Diapers Cost?

Disposable liners don’t come cheap, and many factors determine the cost. Parents should prepare a budget just enough to pay for these products.

The average price of linens ranges from $0.2 to $0.3. If your baby uses between 2,500 and 3,000 in the first years of life, it will cost you between $500 and $900 per year. This amount will not include other items.


Cloth napkins 

Cloth napkins 

Should You Stock Up On Diapers?

Yes, you should. It is vital to build a diaper stockpile before the baby is born. 

The biggest benefit they bring is financial savings. After having a baby, you will not be stuck with money and will balance your budget more effectively.

How Do You Know If You Need To Go Up In Diaper Size?

Diapers with the correct measurement can usually close quickly without you having to tug and pull them.

Another factor that you need to keep in mind is how raised the napkins are. The right height is about a little above the baby’s navel. If it seems like a low rise, it’s time to increase the size of cloth diapers.

How Do Diaper Sizes Work?

Instead of relying on age, you will depend on the baby’s weight to decide the size of the diaper. It will affect the way that you stockpile diapers.

The smaller the measurement, the more diapers you will get in diaper boxes. So, even though the price per box is about the same, you’ll end up paying a bit more as the size of baby wipes increases.

How Much Should You Stock Up On Diapers?

Your budget for disposable diapers should range from $0.15 each or less.

From there, take a look at how much you’ve spent on each measurement over the first year and review your inventory.

Every baby is different in size and growth so this number won’t be exact, but you’ll still get a rough idea of ​​how many diapers you’ll need.

What Size Diaper Do Babies Wear The Longest?

The diaper size that your baby will wear the most and you need to stockpile the most in parenting is a size 3 diaper.

You can use them for about six months, so keep diaper banks plentiful from 132 diapers, eight packs. Being prepared and buying in bulk will be an effective way to save money for parents.


Saving money is a big problem for first-time parents, especially when they have a lot of expenses to pay when raising kids. Plan carefully to stock up on just the right amount of diapers for your baby’s maturation.

Hopefully, our article will help you gain new knowledge. Thank you for reading!



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