What Happens If Baby Drinks Expired Breast Milk? 

What Happens If Baby Drinks Expired Breast Milk? 

Breastmilk plays a vital role in the growth and development of the baby. It is the leading food in the daily diet.

Many parents will pump liquid and store it for the baby to use. But if stored improperly, milk will be very perishable.

What happens when a baby drinks spoiled milk? Your child may have difficulty eating, vomit, be uncomfortable, and may have colic afterward.

However, if you follow the rules of proper storage and handling of breastmilk, it will hardly spoil. The article will analyze this topic in detail.

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How Do You Know If Breast Milk Is Spoiled? 

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Breastmilk comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Depending on your food and daily diet, they will vary.

Some people consider liquid to have a mildly sweet taste, while others find it odorless.

The enzyme exists naturally in breastmilk. It plays a role in breaking down food to make it easier for children to digest and absorb nutrients.

If you want to recognize the signs that liquid has spoiled, refer to some of the following tests:

Through Observing

After a single pumping session, breastmilk tends to separate. The fatty part will float to the top while most of the water will sink to the bottom.

Try turning the bottle gently. It will still be of good quality if you can easily mix the solution together.

After swirling, if blocks appear, then the milk has spoiled.


Smelling is also a great way to check if breastmilk has an expiration. You can apply it to either regular or refrigerated liquid.

This liquid has a different odor depending on the mother’s diet. However, if you smell an unpleasant sour smell, chances are the solution has gone bad.

If this sour smell is only mild, you can rest assured. Ingredients in liquid include the enzyme lipase. It can give off a sour or soapy smell.


Tasting breastmilk will tell you whether it is safe for your baby or not.

If refrigerated liquid has a sour taste, it’s spoiled. It would help if you did not defrost the solution in a microwave or boiling water and expired milk will taste sour and piggy.

What Happens If Baby Drinks Expired Breast Milk? 

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Many babies will stop nursing spoiled milk, feel uncomfortable, and possibly colic afterward. If this persists, consider contacting your pediatrician.

These conditions are not very serious, but you will still want to prevent them.

Pumped milk is quite helpful if the mother has a busy job or when the baby is hungry in the middle of the night. Regular pumping ensures abundant production, and supply will not be short.

Regularly pumping and storing liquid is not harmful, but provided you keep it properly to prevent your baby away from some of the signs of spoiled milk.


What To Do If Baby Drank Spoiled Breastmilk? 

When children drink damaged liquid, it is easy to recognize. In some severe cases, the baby will have a stomach ache.

If your baby stops nursing and shows these signs, you can take some of the following first-aid actions.

Hold your baby upright and pat him on the back. If there is still milk in the baby’s stomach, they may vomit.

This method completely removes damaged breastmilk in the stomach, so the baby will not be restless.

How To Store Breast Milk Properly?

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You need to store breastmilk carefully. There are some special stringent measures and regulations.

Be sure to wash your hands and the storage device properly before use. A moldy or dirty pump can be a cause of milk spoilage.

Food-grade bottles are the best option for storing this solution. You should also add a sturdy lid to prevent air from entering.

At high temperatures, the solution is quickly rancid. It’s best not to leave breastmilk at room temperature for more than three hours.

You can store it for three to four days in the refrigerator. If you want to store it for a longer time, the liquid will be used within five months in the freezer.

Do not place the flask near the refrigerator door or above, as temperature changes will spoil the solution faster.

You also must not use a microwave or direct heat to defrost the solution. It will lose its nutritional value.

To learn and have a more intuitive view of preservation methods, you should watch the video below.


How Do You Know If Your Baby Drank Bad Breastmilk?

If your milk has a soapy taste after a period of storage, it is most likely spoiled and not good for the baby’s health.

Other signs include a sour, fishy, ​​metallic, or rotten smell. If any of the above symptoms appear, pour out the liquid immediately.

Is Expired Breast Milk Safe?

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to feed your baby once or twice expired milk. The only common sign is that your baby will have an upset stomach or spit-up.

However, moldy breastmilk poses severe dangers if you are not careful with them.

How Long Does Breast Milk Last In Breast?

In the breast, breastmilk stays fresh and never spoils.

Emotions or hormones in the body will not change the nutritional structure of this fluid. If the person feels uncomfortable, the milk flow may be slower, but the quality is still good.

However, once the milk has been expressed, use it within two hours. After that time, you should throw away the leftovers.

How Long Does Breastmilk Last After Warming? 

You can give it to your baby right away or store it in the refrigerator for about four hours. Do not leave warm liquid at room temperature or refreeze it.

If your baby can’t drink all that milk, it’s best to throw away the rest.

Can You Use Expired Breastmilk For Bathing?

Before bathing, feel free to pump more breastmilk and freeze it. It is recommended that you defrost before use for better comfort and easier temperature control.

Expired milk is not the problem. As long as its smell is still fragrant, you can use it for bathing.

Bathing with breastmilk will help with eczema, diaper dermatitis, acne, and insect bites.

Conclusion: What happens if baby drinks expired breast milk?

Children are very fragile and sensitive. So, make sure that breastmilk is always fresh and rich in nutrients so that your baby can grow firmly.

If a baby eats expired milk, a number of common symptoms will occur that may upset the baby. Therefore, you need to ensure that the milk is fresh and delicious to provide adequate nutrition for your baby.

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