When Should You Start Using Baby Monitor? Tips For Easy Monitoring

Many first-time parents wish to observe the child very carefully to prevent any possible accidents. Using a baby monitor is the effective solution in this case.

So, when should you start setting up baby monitors? There is no specific rule about when you can use the baby monitor. The recommendation is when the child is one to three years old.

To learn tips on using baby monitors, scroll down slowly and read the details!

When Should You Start Using A Baby Monitor? 

Parents should use a baby monitor when the child is one to three years old. It doesn’t matter whether your child is a newborn, infant, or toddler.

You need to follow the safety rules and use them correctly; feel free to decide at the right time. Even so, the AAP suggests that parents should let their children sleep in a room for the first six months. 

parent are watching baby through baby monitor

Using monitors 


For reassurance, some people use a monitoring system from the beginning of parenting.

The important thing you need to be aware of is preventing SIDS through specific sleeping methods. Do not rely too much on this device.

You can apply safe and adequately tested sleeping practices; feel free to install the system in your room.


Infants often have a hard time falling asleep, and this is where monitors come into play.

Children this age often don’t sleep with their parents anymore. It allows you to use the system to see if your child is awake or in need of comfort.

Don’t forget to adopt safe sleeping practices as well as listen to your motherly instincts. It will make childcare much easier.


You will still get some benefits if you use a toddler observation system. Although this may sound strange, many parents opt to use the device once the child can move.

It would help if you observed when he is playing alone or napping. Check to see if your baby is playing safely.

When To Stop Using A Baby Monitor?

When your baby is about four years old, you should stop using monitors.

At this point, the child has begun to be aware of his surroundings. Your kid will slowly adapt and adjust their actions.

For parents who worry that their child is doing potentially dangerous things, their frequency drops off after this age.

Another reason is that your child will demand more privacy, significantly when changing clothes. Most children will develop modest body awareness between the ages of four and eight.

Safety Tips For Using Baby Monitors 

Overall, this monitor is easy to use and safe. But if you don’t have a thorough check, some problems can arise.

monitor device and baby

Safety tips for monitoring 

Baby Monitor Cord Safety

The U.S. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends placing corded monitors three feet away from a crib or bed. You should not put them in the crib or on edge.

These ropes can suffocate infants. Since 2002, there have been seven tragic deaths due to this problem.

Heeded Warning Against Sleep Apnea 

You should not put too much trust in devices that claim to be able to monitor children’s breathing.

According to the AAP, these devices do not have credible evidence of preventing SIDS. However, for babies with breathing problems, discuss the appropriate use of the device with your doctor.

Always Supervise On Your Own

While these devices are beneficial, you must not let them replace you.

Always take note if you haven’t heard your child cry or haven’t seen them for a while. These monitors won’t be able to tell if your baby has a fever.


If you still have questions about baby monitors and their features, let’s find out the answers in the article below.

a baby is sleeping near baby monitor device

Cute boy is sleeping 

Can You Use A Baby Monitor With A Newborn?

For most healthy babies, you won’t need to be monitored. If you want to have a home monitor, consult your pediatrician or family doctor.

Don’t rely on the screen, but regularly observe your child with your own eyes.

When Can You Put Your Baby To Sleep With Monitor?

As soon as you feel safe, you can use the screen to put your child to sleep. Often, parents will not feel comfortable as soon as they bring their children home.

During the first few days and weeks, you should limit your use of the tracker to get used to your baby’s sleep habits and needs.

In addition, there are no barriers to using the device with children as long as you regularly check and do not rely too much on them.

Is Baby Monitor Necessary?

In some cases, this tracking device is handy. Its most crucial application reminds the watcher when the child suddenly wakes up. It is advantageous if you are not around the child.

Many brands also promote the ability to prevent Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) but don’t have any research on them. Pediatricians say the device gives parents a false sense of security.

Does A 2 Year Old Need A Baby Monitor?

The answer is Yes. Although there are controversies surrounding the necessity of products, both parents and babies will benefit from them.

You are better off using this infant observation system until they are four years old. Otherwise, make sure your child is old enough to leave the room on his own during the night and seek help when needed.

Can You Use A Baby Monitor If Your Child Sleeps In Your Room?

The child monitor system in a common room is only necessary if the child is resting there alone. In the evening, the device is not essential because you are there.

However, this monitor will be extremely helpful if your child sleeps in daycare. The size of the house, the thickness of the walls, and your hearing are all issues to keep in mind.

If your home space is quite ample or the soundproofing between rooms is good, consider buying yourself a product.

Which Monitor Should Parents Start With? 

You can choose from many different children’s monitors on the market.

Among them, video and audio monitors are the most common. You can also increase your budget for high-tech options like checking your baby’s breathing, heart rate, or temperature.

However, experts advise against focusing too much on fancy features because they are often inaccurate. Instead, start with primary code samples.

If you just want to see your baby’s lovely face or observe his sleeping position, a video device is enough.

How Long Do You Need To Use A Baby Monitor?

Most experts recommend that parents stop using the monitoring system when their child is four years old.

There are two main problems with this. One is that your child can already fall asleep and adjust in bed. In addition, they were also aware of being tracked.

Are Baby Movement Monitors Necessary?

They are not necessary for every family.

Instead, people often opt for traditional tracking devices. Depending on the sleeping arrangement, you will need different models.


We hope that our article has given you an overview of when to use monitors with your child. This device will reduce stress and give parents a break. Yet, do not rely too much on them, and you should be a reliable parent for your kid.



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