Can a Queen Mattress Fit in an SUV: 4 Suitable Types of SUVs

Whether you’re moving or planning a trip, and you consider, “Can a queen mattress fit in an SUV?”. So, we will provide detailed information to help you find the answer. Let’s get started!

Queen Mattress Size and Weight

Normally, the size of a queen mattress is typically 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, providing plenty of space for two average-sized adults to sleep comfortably.

Due to its larger dimensions, it weighs more than smaller sizes, usually ranging between 120-160 pounds. This weight can vary based on the type of mattress and the materials used in its construction. Because of its popularity, the queen size has become the standard by which many people compare other types of sizes.

Queen mattress

Which SUVs Fit a Queen Mattress

A queen mattress can fit into several larger SUV models. However, always check the specific dimensions of your vehicle to ensure a proper fit. Thus, we will provide you with a list of some SUV models that can accommodate it.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a highly-regarded SUV known for its four-wheel drive, great handling, and flexibility across different terrains. It was refurbished in 2020 for better driving control.

The Highlander comes with a hybrid variant too. This eco-friendly version, while slightly pricier and less powerful, offers substantial fuel savings and reduced environmental impact.

Moreover, the Highlander’s cargo space is impressive, with 16 cubic feet that expand to 84.3 cubic feet when all seats are down. In practical terms for fitting a queen mattress, the rear hatch is 47 inches wide, and the space between the wheel wells is 45.5 inches. So, a standard queen mattress (60 x 80 inches) can fit diagonally, making the Highlander an excellent choice for mattress transport.

Buick Enclave

Known for its all-wheel drive and seven-passenger capacity, the Buick Enclave is a popular mid-size SUV. It’s appreciated for its spacious inside and top-tier safety features, boasting a five-star safety score.

The Enclave’s cargo area is generous, with 23.6 cubic feet of space that enlarges to 97.6 cubic feet when the seats are down.

To carry a queen mattress, the Enclave has 46.7 inches between the wheels and 86.9 inches deep. While the mattress won’t lay flat, it will fit diagonally with all the seats folded. Therefore, the Enclave is a viable choice for transporting it.

Ford Explorer

One of the best SUVs available is the Ford Explorer, which is renowned for its 20-inch wheels, 12-speaker Bluetooth audio system, and all-wheel-drive features. It even has a hybrid version for those seeking a more environmentally friendly vehicle, although the majority of Explorers run on traditional gasoline.

As for storage, the Ford Explorer doesn’t disappoint. It has about 18.2 cubic feet of storage, expanding to a spacious 87.8 cubic feet with all seats folded down.

When it comes to fitting a queen mattress, the Explorer has 48 inches of space between the wheel wells and 68.5 inches deep to the seats. With a hatch width of 46.7 inches and a hatch height of 31 inches, a mattress can comfortably fit in the back without protruding. Just remember, the mattress must be carefully angled diagonally to fit correctly. Thus, the Ford Explorer is a handy choice for transporting it.

Ford Expedition

Superior to other large SUVs, the Ford Expedition is praised for its high levels of customer satisfaction and excellent quality. It has an all-wheel drive and is suitable for off-roading adventures.

When it comes to cargo space, the Expedition is so excellent, especially the Expedition Max model. This version offers a massive 35 cubic feet of cargo space, extending to an astounding 121.5 cubic feet as soon as every seat is folded.

Regardless of the model, any Ford Expedition can comfortably accommodate and transport a mattress without it hanging out. Not just the mattress, the Expedition has ample space to fit the accompanying bed frame and other mattress-related items. This makes the Ford Expedition an excellent choice for moving it.

Mattress inside car

What SUVs Don’t Fit a Queen Mattress?

Smaller SUVs or compact crossovers might struggle to fit a queen mattress. Models like the Subaru Crosstrek, Nissan Juke,  Honda CV,  Chevrolet Equinox, and Grand Cherokee may not have the required interior space.

Fitting a Queen Mattress in an SUV Without Causing Damage

To ensure you move your mattress without causing any damage, we will provide a detailed guide to help you avoid such mishaps:

First, you move the SUV seats as far forward as much as possible. Then, you set the seat backs to be as vertical as possible to maximize the available space. Next, you open your SUV’s hatch or door and remove any objects that could take up the space.

In the moving process, if the mattress is heavy, you should ask someone else for help. After that, you hold the mattress at both ends and position the top part with the opening of your SUV’s cargo area. Next, you bend the mattress gently to form a “U” shape and start to slide it in until it reaches the front seats.

Afterward, you will use cargo straps or ropes to hold the mattress firmly in place. In detail, connect the rope to the hatch door’s latch hoop, located at the lower part.

Lastly,as you settle into the front seats, have someone keep the hatch door in position against the mattress. Then, fasten the other end of the rope to a secure location within the SUV.

Moving the mattress

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In summary, larger models like the Toyota Highlander, Buick Enclave, Ford Explorer, and Ford Expedition can comfortably accommodate a queen mattress. However, smaller SUVs or compact crossovers might struggle with fitting a queen-sized mattress. Thus, you should always measure your vehicle’s interior space before attempting to load a mattress.


  1. Is it possible to transport a queen-size mattress in an SUV?

    A queen-size mattress typically measures about 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. You'll require a vehicle with sufficient room to handle these dimensions for transportation. Therefore, an SUV, a van, or a pickup truck are the most suitable choices for transporting a queen-size type.

  2. What is the size difference between a queen and a double bed?

    Normally, the dimensions of a queen bed are typically 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. In comparison, a double bed (or a full bed) is usually 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. This means a queen bed is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full/double bed.

  3. Is it possible to transport a mattress using an SUV?

    A large SUV has enough capacity to hold almost any mattress on its roof, provided it is securely fastened. For transporting smaller types, a smaller vehicle might be suitable.

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